Sunday, 24 April 2011

Matt's on the move

I am moving through work to the Gloucester (UK) area in mid August and will be looking for like minded players to join with me (or vice versa) for some non-serious gaming. I will be bringing a vast collection of "toys" for large skirmish games including Pulp, Doctor Who, British Civil War, Victorian Sci-Fi, Cult TV, 40mm ACW as well as the more traditional 20mm WW2, 28mm ancients/dark ages, 28mm ACW and ECW armies. I also have a ridiculously large collection of Lord of the Rings figures which I tend to use for cinematic rather than competitive games.

I am a big fan of the rules derived from T00 Fat Lardies and Song of Blades systems.

Not at all into competition wargaming and have an allergic reaction to points systems. Much prefer scenario driven games.

Ooh I almost forgot my (in)famous 54mm chariot racing game which took prizes at a number of shows a few years ago.

Get in touch if I am ticking any of your boxes and you are in the Gloucester area.


Matt Slade

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  1. Always late to the picnic!

    Hi Matt, I moved to Ruspidge just over a year ago and have had few opportunities to game since. My old group in Hampshire mainly played boardgames and RPGs, with the occasional game of Hordes of the Things.

    I have some GW LotR minis and loads of old 25/28mm as well as a few in 15mm, mostly fantasy.

    I've got Song of Blades & Heroes and Pig Wars, but haven't got round to playing them yet!

    I am trying, albeit very slowly to get a 6mm dark age game together for the Comitatus rules.

    Drop me a line if you fancy a game sometime.