Wednesday, 11 May 2016

First Sharp Practice second edition game at the Forest of Dean club using 40mm ACW Sash & Sabre

Martins hotch potch deployment sorts itself out. 

Tonight's first outing for SP2 saw two basic early ACW forces scrap it out in an Encounter scenario. Rob took charge of the Union and Martin the Rebs. Me and Ralph egged them on from the sidelines and tried to guide them through the rules. 

Reb skirmishers Rush forward and secure the fence line. 

Robs orderly columns advance. The smaller two group formation forms a firing line behind a stone wall.

Breaths are held as Martin's Rebs unleash the first volley of the game. A potentially devastating first volley with disappointingly undevastating results! Robs three group columns moves menacingly on to the road threatening the left of the Confederate's line. 

As the column approaches, a devastating round of fire across the ploughed field causes few hits, but they all count and with the cry of "anything but a one" still ringing in his ears, Martin rolls two of them and the Rebs lose their commander. 

Seizing the moment, Rob makes a mighty movement roll and smashes into the Rebs who, obviously furious at the loss of their leader repulse the assault, knocking out the Union Captain who is dragged to safety by his retreating men. 

With shock and casualties mounting on the Reb right, Martin moves his second formation along the road to screen them. He pushes his skirmishers forward to distract the Union line who have been relatively comfortable behind their stone wall.

The Union Captain recovers his wits and leads another attack on the weakened Reb groups on the right. This time it succeeds and the Confederates reel. Lucky morale rolls save the position for the moment. 

A devastating counter by the Rebs on the road drives off the Union column but both sides take a lot of shock and casualties. 

Morale started to tumble on both sides and the game came to an end with neither side able to claim a conclusive victory. It was however a victory for the rules. Cracking game with lots of exciting 'I really need the next chip' moments. 

Our two newbie players both really enjoyed it and thanks to Rob and Martin for putting up with our rules deliberations. Not that there were any major problems. The game started to rake a narrative very quickly especially with Martins unfortunate Reb Lieutenant who seemed to get every event requiring water on a dry table including the dog accident, fouled barrels and spitting feathers! I suspect a few water wagons may be appearing when we dive into the support lists. 

All figures painted by me. They're from the Sash and Sabre 40mm range.