Monday, 9 July 2012

Mongoose Miniatures Judge Dredd Commission

Some of the excellent Judge Dredd range painted for Matthew of Mongoose Miniatures who produce the fine fellows.

Musket and Tomahawks Crusader Miniatures 7 Year War British for French Indian War

Actually painted these for me for a change. These and 8 more of their stalwart fellows will be appearing in future Musket and Tomahawks games to see off those damnable Frenchies.

1/2400 Napoleonic Naval painting commission

 1/2400 ships from Tumbling Dice - painted for Mike

French Indian Wars - Crusader Miniatures Indians

28mm Crusader miniatures Indians for the French Indian Wars. These will be appearing on my trade stand at forthcoming shows unless sold beforehand. £6 GBP per figure plus shipping.

Napoleonic Austrian Commission

Austrian Napoleonic Commission for Tony. Figures are by Foundry. Flags are by Colour of War.

Doctor Who game at the Gloucester Club - 4th July 2012

A Movellan has been smashed back in time by the Daleks and crashes in 1980s England (for a change). UNIT dispatch a squad to secure the site. The Daleks send in a recovery team to collect a cannister of the Movellan virus for study.

UNIT reinforcements arrived and come under heavy fire from the oncoming Daleks who exterminate the bazooka team before it gets a shot off.

 An Ogron bashes an objective counter but finds nothing of interest except a hail of bullets.

Without the bazooka team, the inexperienced UNIT commander is reminded that the front of a Land Rover is the next best anti-dalek weapon on the table. Chaos ensues as Jo drives one of the UNIT vehicles through hedgerows, Ogrons and Daleks with a terrified UNIT passenger clings on for dear life.

 The Ogrons and Daleks close in on the ruined church.

UNIT hold out as the Daleks lose half their force and start to teleport away empty-suckered.