Monday, 9 July 2012

Mongoose Miniatures Judge Dredd Commission

Some of the excellent Judge Dredd range painted for Matthew of Mongoose Miniatures who produce the fine fellows.


  1. Nice work! Thats a big ol' chunk of the Mongoose Dredd range right there. I love the colour choices on the juves/gangers: they look exactly how I reckon they should look :)

    Although I have painted up a number of Justice Department figs...

    ...I have yet to tackle the large selection of perps (other than the Foundry Dark Judges). This stuff has me thinking that I should move them to the top of the painting list again.

  2. I enjoyed using some paints which don't get opened too often! I popped onto your blog and your chaps look jolly good too.

  3. Great stuff! I love the colors and the apes are awesome. Good going, Matt.

  4. Cheers Larry, I think the apes are my favourites too