Sunday, 29 March 2015

Otherworld Commission

More Otherworld loveliness for Richard H's growing d&d collection. 


Goblin command
Acolytes - masked
Acolytes sans masks

Hobgoblin Command

Pig Faced Orc Archers

Fireforge Knights with a fantasy spin

Reaper Bones II part 1 of loads!

I went a bit mad with the last Reaper Bones Kickstarter and have ended up with a massive box full of lovely fantasy characters and some really great monsters. 

First few are pictured below. 

Hill giants coming soon. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Open Combat at the Forest of Dean Gamers Club last night

Open Combat takes off at the Forest of Dean Gamers club tonight. This is my board where my fine bunch of fellows took on Ralph's ne'er do wells. 

My heroes from l to r. Ragnar Ravenclaw (leader), Gur Longshanks, Erik Sure Eye, Brunhilde and Randall Cheesy-Nob (so named after his famed bread and cheese confection!).
The sleepy hamlet doesn't know what's about to hit it. We played the treasure hunt scenario. The red markers being searchable places of interest. My chaps are advancing from the near edge. 
I've paid points for javelins to represent attacks by Ragnars trusty pet raven. Here it is used to great effect against a lowly archer. 
Ralph's party has already located two of the three treasure tokens so it all looks a bit desperate for my lot. The situation is not helped when the strong but not so bright Gur finds the catastrophe marker and has a bucket of slops dropped on his head knocking him out cold. 
One of Ralph's skulking fellows gloats as his leader wanders off casually with the loot (some gave cruelly suggested that it looks like he's giving a dog a piggy back!). 
Ralph's archers secure another location while the barrel is searched. Brunhilde found the third treasure and the game was brought swiftly to a close with Ragnars gang leaving with their tails between their legs. 
A second game was played and normal order was restored with Cheesy intimidating the opposition to mindlessness with his witty repartee enabling my fighters to finish them off. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Steampunk/Victorian Sci-fi project pt2

After a brief departure into the insanity that is 6mm ancients last week, the weekend saw my attention return to my VSF project.

Spent a happy Saturday churning out Meridian Miniatures which will form the bulk of my Prussian forces. I've finished 4 sections of 8 infantry and a leader. These will have support weapons added later to make them up to ten man sections. 

The Brits have received some reinforcements from the wonderful Victoria Miniatures in Australia which I assembled whilst watching the Grand Prix and rugby yesterday. 

I've also been ploughing through my various rulesets this weekend and have decided that first up I'm going for Valor, Steel and Flesh hence the intended 10 man units. The rules look relatively straight forward with enough freedom to come up with whacky steampunk devices of destruction. Nicely mixed up turn sequence too. Back up plan is GASLIGHT. I'll probably pinch some bits from that too in the traditional fashion!

Another new project - 6mm Ancients

A rather rash purchase from Baccus at Alumwell resulted in a 6mm Successor army accompanying me home. 

I hadn't realised that the phalangites came open handed with no pikes. Faced with seven 48 man pike blocks I was relieved that Baccus do the same figures with cast pikes. While I await their arrival I got all of the rest of the army pack done in one day (he whispered). 

3 command stands. Made sure that there's a black horses commander in case my Successors find themselves time travelling to serve under Alexander. 

Loving my 6mm elephant. Placed some skirmishers on the base to act as guards. 

Companion cavalry

2 stands of medium cavalry

2 stands of light skirmishing cavalry

2 lots of infantry skirmishers. 

Light infantry

Hoplite infantry. 

Next step will be the pike armed phalanxes. 

Rules wise, I'm looking at Imperus, Sword and Spear and To The Strongest. 

ECW Commission

ECW has always been a favourite of mine so I was pleased to get a commission for 5 regiments of Warlord and Renegade figures. First up a 28 man regiment of redcoats. Unfortunately Parliamentarian but there's no accounting for taste!