Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Stargate Commission

WW2 Black Tree Brits for the stand at the Legionary Show (Exeter)

These fine stiff upper lipped chaps will be on sale on my stand at Legionary this weekend. More rifle men to follow.

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Exeter show this weekend (4th May)

I'll be trading at Legionary in Exeter this weekend. the Glenbrook games Painting Service banner. I'll be selling painted miniatures and will be available to chat about painting in general and hopefully taking on some more commissions. Currently 10% off first

Medieval Commission for Dan Mersey (Lion Rampant)

This a compilation of the various commissions from Dan Mersey, author of Dux Bellorum and the forthcoming Lion Rampant. Many of these miniatures will feature in the rulebook. Check out Dan's blog at
Figures are mainly from Curteys Miniatures