Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Doctor Who AAR - The Invasion

This is one of the Invasion scenarios for Doctor Who the Miniatures Game. This was played by Richard and Jason with me umpiring.

The streets of London. Eerily quiet as the Doctor, Polly and a UNIT squad leave the docks. The Cerebron Menetor is in the wrecked landrover top left. The manhole covers where the Cybermen may enter the game are represented by 6 counters in the streets.

The Doctor's team start to make their way into the streets.

To be faced immediately by their first Cyberman.

Unit troopers make short work of the Cyberman with a very well aimed grenade.

The UNIT grenadiers are kept bust neutralising the manholes as the rest of the Doctors team make there way to the objective.

The Doctor pauses to stun a Cyberman with his sonic screwdriver.

UNIT covers the alleyways that threaten the escape route.
Private Perkins dashes forward and seizes the Cerebron machine.

Cybermen lie in wait.

And try to head off the UNIT force.

With UNIT troopers holding off the Cybermen, Polly and the Doctor make a dash for the docks.
The Doctor successfully made his way off the table aided by the Cerebron Menetor machine which had a devastating effect on the last few Cybermen who got too close to its emotion transmissions. A very well handled game by Jason the UNIT player. Good use of grenades down manhole covers and a couple of timely Sonic Screwdriver interventions certainly helped. The players reversed roles in a second game which proved much closer. Richard as UNIT ad the Doctor blew most of his luck points in the first couple of turns. Boiled down to who won the initiative and the Doctor was the only survivor, just making it off table with the machine which he rather ungallantly made Polly carry for most of the game.

Friday, 6 September 2013

New for the stand at Colours - Fireforge Templar infantry and foot knights

Second Chain of Command Outing

The scene is set for a Patrol game last Monday at Glenbrook HQ. What was a hive of painting activity becomes a peaceful patch of Normandy countryside.

In the foreground is a factory complex. At the far end is the bombed out Chateau Lafitte, now overgrown with foliage.

Close up of the factory which was the target of the bombing mission.

Chateau Lafitte. Which took the brunt of the bombs instead.

The chateau became the focus of the patrol phase as Brits and Germans entered the game at that end of the battlefield. The Brits getting the advantage of being able to get there first, quickly get two sections into the Chateau's overgrown grounds. The first section goes into the building while the second waits outside to see what develops.

The third section takes up a flanking position covering the lanes to the right of the chateau.

On the opposite side of the chateau, a first German squad reaches the wall and peering into the gloomy interior sees the British coming through the building. The German NCO gives frantic hand signals.

No1 Section's corporal motions for his men to stop as he hears a thudding, rolling sound coming down the staircase in front of him. "Grenade!" he yells and pushing a couple of men to one side he takes the full brunt of the blast. The rest of the men dive for cover.

In their next phase, having rolled two 6s so secure in the knowledge that the next phase is also theirs, Nos 1 and 2 sections get their revenge. No1 sections storms out of the building while No2 section led by the Platoon Sergeant charges around the outside. overwhelmed, the Germans are cut down, but the Junior and Senior Leaders escape, only to rout off table. The British Platoon Sgt succumbs to his wounds.

The battered remnants of No2 section head upstairs, the wounded NCO waves away the attentions of the medic. The remaining leaderless men of No1 section hunker down outside to await instructions

They don't have to wait long as the Lieutenant appears and after making a mental note to get the battered jalopy shipped home, instructs the few men of No1 section to take out the two nearest and vacant jump-off points. 

The Germans exchange effective range fire with the men upstairs in the chateau. The beleaguered Brits are unable to prevent the Germans moving up on their position, their mortar providing little assistance.

With so few figures and the morale effects of losing NCOs biting, No2 section comes out of the line of fire and moves back down stairs.

With a sneaky end of turn generated by the CoC dice, the Brits hit back at German morale by over running two jump off point.

The Germans continue to creep forward wary of the remaining British section.

A German team gets to a position across the lane from the chateau.

A senior leader takes a German rifle team the long way round, but with some good activation and movement rolls soon threatens the position of No3 section.

Who, sensing the danger, leg it for the hedgeline.

Fortunately just getting over the hedge before the Germans can catch them in the open.
Without their MG the Germans prove no match for a full British section and they are gradually pinned and then wiped out. With a senior leader at their mercy the gallant British NCO stops his men from firing at him (Ok I forgot to shoot him!).
By this time both sides morale was shot. The Brits eventually went down to 0 first but the game concluded with a "dishonourable draw". A cracking game once again with many ups and downs and toing and froing.