Saturday, 28 February 2015

Mixed fantasy commission

Another mixed fantasy commission for Tim. 
More frost giants. I've had a run of these recently. 

Hammer Golem

Otherworld unfortunates!

Monday, 16 February 2015

IHMN Black Dragon Tong with a difference (or two)

Gordon has put more pictures of these up on his blog where you can see one of his lovely acquarium based layouts!

North Star Dragon Lady and Copplestone Yetis

Another commission for a set of IHMN Black Dragon Tong. The North Star yeti has been replaced by two from Copplestone and the Tong have been joined by members from the Empire of the Dead range by West Wind. 

West Wind Tong

North Star Black Dragon Tong

Gordon asked for a blue and green theme which I think has worked really well. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dredd and Sci-fi commission

Not sure what this first model is all about? Not one for the kids!!

More bush wars troops for Larry

Latest include South Afrucan Defence Force

A couple more ZANLA infantry in tiger stripe cammo. 

And a couple of mercenary characters. 

Heresy Sci-Fi

Ships crew

And inspection team

Reaper Bones Giants

Both models are fire giants but the customer asked for Vanya (above) to be painted in icy colours. Here she is as I painted her previously. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Seven Years War Austrian mini project

Rumours reached me around Christmas time that there was a SYW all dayer in the offing with my old Dorset gaming pals. As it happened, I'd picked up a bag of Austrians at a bring and buy last year. 

The game is tomorrow and I've managed to get seven battalions done along with 2 mounted officers and enough gunners for two guns. A couple of my Marlburian guns will be dragged out of a museum for them to use. I have a couple of ECW limbers and horse teams which are non descript enough to be used. 

I'll hopefully post some pictures of the game tomorrow. Recent form has not been promising so I'm due for a change in fortunes...aren't I?