Thursday, 17 March 2011

Weeping Angels Doctor Who Game at the WAR club in Reading

This game is straight from the scenario on the DWMG site. Richard and Alice took control of the Doctor, Martha and Sally Sparrow, investigating the disappearance of two children in the area of the creepy Rectory and graveyard. Jason looked after the Weeping Angels. Reach for your cushion or duck behind the sofa.

The Angels lurk in the graveyard

The missing childrenThe Doctor's party start to search the buildings. The first two are empty but the third reveals a clue which grants Martha 2 bonus Luck points. The Angels take advantage and gather around our heroes. The first few luck points start to be used as the heroes begin to blink.

The heroes move into the Rectory where they find the two children. Now it takes all the Doctor's organisational skills to work out how to get off of the table without leaving anyone behind. Facing as many directions as possible the Doctor's party almost run straight into an Angel which manages to get quantum locked by activating in sight of one of it's fellows.

Disaster strikes moments later when the Doctor's party use up 7 consecutive luck points through some of the worst dice rolling ever seen (even by Jason! whose bad luck is infamous). They will do well to get away this time...

The Doctor runs out of luck points and fails to fend off the Temporal Touch of an Angel. We have broken down the "amazing" special effects which followed as the Doctor is sent back in time:

The Doctor disappears back in time leaving Sally and Martha to save the children. Sally also get caught by the angels and is cast back in time, allowing Martha to get the chilren to safety.

A close run thing but a victory for the Angels having sent the Doctor back in time. We are now debating in which historical period the Doctor and Sally might find themselves in the next episode. Favourite seems to be the Dark Ages.

The Weeping Angels and Sally were from the Crooked Dice range (I used the Daisy figure for Sally). The Doctor is from Heresy and I used the collectible soft plastic Martha. Kids are from the Eureka Victorian range. The Rectory is part of a monastery set by Manorhouse workshop. Walls and gravestones scratch built by me. All figures painted by me too.

Weeping Angels game

Angels in the graveyard