Monday 17 December 2018

Sarmatian cavalry commission - Warlord Games

Back on the 40k wagon - part 2

Back on the 40k wagon - part 1

With much encouragement/poking violently from pal Jason I got the Deathguard back out of the loft.

Much as like the new files, I'd become disenchanted with the new game after realising that big critters like Mortarion, Magnus, Knights etc could turn up to any battle however large or small. Games and armies seemed to be shrinking into skirmish games between huge models.

Dereks Female Flakhelferin battery - 88s, support weapons and searchlight

Dereks Female Flakhelferin battery - transports

Dereks Female Flakhelferin battery

Larry’s Back of Beyond project

Van Saar Necromunda gang

Perry Crusades Generals