Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Perry Hanoverian Rifles

Four seriously miffed yeti - Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter figures (approx 60mm)

Primaris Dark Angels

Project MDF continues - part two - 28mm Sarissa WW2 this time

Five buildings and a water pump.

Project MDF - part 1 - Sarissa City Blocks

Having started a reorganisation of my painting room I decided it was high time that I turned my pile of flat pack mdf buildings up into something a little more useful. 

All I'm interested here is speed. So mainly used spray paints. 

First up some city blocks from Sarissa. 

One on the left was completely assembled apart from the windows and doors. I paint these separately and fit them to the walls once the main building is painted. Having struggled to neatly brush paint the pavement I realised it's easier to leave that piece separate as well which I did with all the others. 

These were completely sprayed in a dark grey followed by light grey and white from a high angle. Window and door pieces painted in various colours and fixed to the inside walls. 

Base/paving sprayed dark grey. 

Similar process on these. Used a variety of "Gold" art sprays. Fantastic range of colours. Used three colours in different combinations for variety. Again the darkest (base) shade is a complete coat of the whole thing. Subsequent coats are from a high angle and are much lighter. 

Aim for these was a brownstone effect. Surprising range of shades when you look at pics of the real thing. Both sprayed dark brown and then given the high angle treatment again. Building on the left has brown window frames, the one on the right has cream. Makes them look very different even though the rest is painted in the same way.