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Sedition Wars Commission - the Strain part 2

Sedition Wars Commission - the Strain part 1

French Indian War Game

"Death Rayce" - Another Exciting Episode of 7Tv with Dept X

7TV – Another exciting adventure with Department X
Episode 4 – “Death Rayce”
Through a cunning ruse known only to him, International playboy and top Dept X agent Doctor Hugo Solomon and his team of X commandos have been captured by the villainous Lancelot Cray, head of United Radionics. The team are being held in Cray’s Slough UR Depot. Cray  has constructed a Death Ray with which he intends to hold the world to ransom.
General Jaffa (despotic Eton educated dictator of the People’s Republic of Orangina) is bringing with him a Tangerinium crystal which is the final component for the Death Ray. In exchange Cray has promised to give Jaffa two of the Femdroids which he has stolen from Ulysses Argo.
The Prologue...
During his 2 day captivity, Hugo has managed to train a pigeon to take a message to Dept X HQ giving them his team’s location. General Horatio Gordon alerts Agent Pandora King who, taking a job in the UR typing pool, gets herself assigned to the Slough depot.
Gordon sets an ambush to prevent Jaffa getting through to the depot and hopes that he will see King and Solomon again.
Meanwhile camera cuts to a close up of the heavily bejewelled index finger of Lancelot Cray as it first caresses and then stabs down on the countdown button.
Roll Title Sequence...
The Countdown
As long as there are two boffins in contact with computer banks in the UR warehouse, they can make invent rolls from turn one onwards to get the Death Ray warmed up. When the total gets to 21, all that will be required is the installation of the crystal. This requires the figure with the crystal to spend two actions at the control panel in the UR warehouse. It then takes a further action to fire the Death Ray to demonstrate it’s effectiveness.
Around the UR depot are various control boxes. These are vital to the arming of the laser. If they are taken out of action then each invent roll will be at -1 per damaged control panel. If the target of 21 has been reached the -1s come off of the total meaning that invent rolls will need to continue. Control panels are Def3 and can be shot or smashed by melee attack.
The Femdroids
Cray has two Femdroids for General Jaffa. They start the game in unused and deactivated condition. They do not generate activation counters. It takes a boffin 2 actions to activate a Femdroid. In order to hand them over to Jaffa, a boffin must spend 2 actions adjusting them to Jaffa’s command. Jaffa and Cray get more VPs if the Femdroids are not used.
The Metalnaut
Jaffa’s Metalnaut starts in an deactivated state. If activated before being repaired (2 boffin actions) it will be Uncontrolled. It can be repaired by one of Cray’s Boffins making a 4+ Repair roll.
Ending the Game
The game ends when one side is defeated in the usual manner.

Sleepy Slough

Cray's United Radionics Depot

Slough - Entertainment Capital of the UK

Solomon and his team in the cells. Now where is that inept guard?

Pandora looks down at the hive of activity and bides her time.

Cray (and Fluffy the cat) supervise the warming up of the Death Ray array - hurray! Jaffa's Femdroids await collection. Cray's personal Femdroid (Flossy) is ready to defend her master.

Aha - there's that inept guard. Solomon and the comandos escape their cells and try to locate their weapons which have helpfully been stored nearby. Who puts doors on the front and back walls of their cells?

Gordon and his team lie in wait for Jaffa's convoy.

Caltrops away! The X agents try to bottle up the convoy between Arkwrights Hardware and the road works. 
Great idea but Landrovers make great hedge clearing vehicles.

Colonel Outs-Pann leaps out of the lead Landrover with some of his mercenaries and engages the soldiers at close range.

With no regard to the Slough in Bloom competion being judged later in the day, the Borough Gardens are further ruined by Jaffa's Jag as it follows the Landrover causing freinds and foes alike to dive out of the way.

Solomon makes short work of the first few minions who get in his way

After some vicious close combat and small arms exchanges, Jaffa's convoy breaks throgh and heads towards the UR Depot where Cray's scientists have finished readying the Death Ray array (hurray). They just need the Tangerinium crystal.

Solomon is joined by one of the Commandos but they are now taking heavy fire. Down below one of the commandos is knocked out cold by a UR minion.

Gordon singlehandedly takes on the the last vehicle in the convoy.

Big Tam Frazer is in a spot of bother but coolly fights his way to Gordon's side.

Pandora King reveals herself in the UR control room and makes a bee-line for Cray who engages his jet pack and bravely shoots out to meet Jaffa.

Where'd he go?

Pandora consoles herself by laying waste to some tecnhicians. Those minions at the doors will be next.

Pandora floors two minions but a desperate technician activates one of Jaffa's femdroids and along with Flossy catches the high kicking heroine in a crossfire of nipple cannon.

Jaffa and Panther look on as the Tangerinium crystal is loaded into the Death Ray array (hurray). The Death ray is fired and the United Nation must pay one hundred gegillion pounds or cities will be laid waste.

Tune in for the next excting installment.