Friday 25 February 2011

Photos of the Salute 2010 Blenheim game

This link should take you to a selection of excellent pictures of the Blenheim game.

Doctor Who Miniatures Game Shameles Plug

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Boudicca Triumphant

This was painted for friend as a gift to his wife who is known "fondly" as Boudicca by her staff.

40mm ACW game at the WAR club 23rd Feb 2011

ACW game using my new set of 40mm Sash and Sabre figures. We used the excellent company level 61-65 rules from Ganesha Games. The Union had to cross a ford and seize a farm on an area of raised ground. After a slow start the, Union made it across the ford deflecting much of the Rebel fire with their skirmishers. They sent two companies out wide on each flank which caused some confusion in the Confederate ranks. Before they reorganise the Rebs were surrounded and the Union took the high ground. Great game with excellent rules.