Sunday, 24 April 2011

Matt's on the move

I am moving through work to the Gloucester (UK) area in mid August and will be looking for like minded players to join with me (or vice versa) for some non-serious gaming. I will be bringing a vast collection of "toys" for large skirmish games including Pulp, Doctor Who, British Civil War, Victorian Sci-Fi, Cult TV, 40mm ACW as well as the more traditional 20mm WW2, 28mm ancients/dark ages, 28mm ACW and ECW armies. I also have a ridiculously large collection of Lord of the Rings figures which I tend to use for cinematic rather than competitive games.

I am a big fan of the rules derived from T00 Fat Lardies and Song of Blades systems.

Not at all into competition wargaming and have an allergic reaction to points systems. Much prefer scenario driven games.

Ooh I almost forgot my (in)famous 54mm chariot racing game which took prizes at a number of shows a few years ago.

Get in touch if I am ticking any of your boxes and you are in the Gloucester area.


Matt Slade

Other Doctor Who shots

Doctor Who Game - Rescue the Master

Killerbgames Geezers double up as the Master's hoodlums and lie in wait for the Police escort.

The ambush is sprung - more Killerbgames figures
UNIT to the rescue - Black tree UNIT troopers

Planet of the Daleks

Retrieved some pics of an old Planet of the Daleks scenario.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Salute 2011 - 7TV Game

Three shots of the splendid 7TV participation game at this year's Salute. Lucky enough to get a game of this at the show. Great fun. My pics do not do it justice, but you can just see the sharks in the tank in the middle picture. looking forward to creating my own cult-TV adventures. Thanks to Morgan for taking us through the rules.

Part 3 Astounding Tales Pulp game at the Wargames Assoc of Reading

Remember these guys? Left unattended, Wu-Hu's captives free themselves and manage to start the Warlord's pride and joy.

Wu-Hu's NCO sneaks up on Yvette who is watching the fight for her sister and drags her away.

A wider shot, shows Indy and pals peering into the gloom of the cave. They see two red eyes gleaming from another Yeti at the feet of which lies the crystal skull skull! In the bottom right hand corner you see the truck which is now fixed and ready to go. The last primitive warrior manages to knock out Capitaine Gallante just as Mireille frees herself. In the background you can see some of Wu-Hus useless conscripts who are faced with the decision to fire upon the Warlord's favourit car or to let the ex-captives drive off in it. They choose to fire which manages to take out one of the escapees and a pair of headlights.

Indy elects to loop the skull with his bullwhip. Unfortunately he only succeeds in wrapping it around the leg of a Junior Yeti "very funny Dr Jones!". Shortround uses his pickpocket skill to dash in and grab the amethyst skull. Jones Snr brings the truck around to the foot of the cliff and by some miraculous STUNTS tests, the whole party (including the rather rotund Sallah make the jump into the vehicle) and drive off into the sunset.

The Epilogue - or whatever happened to Von Skarr?

Von Skarr's expedition went for a wander around the table, blazing away indiscriminately at bugs, Chinamen and primitives. They investigated the primitives village but found it to be empty. They were ambushed by another primitive band, but managed to successfully sedate a male and female. Much to their consternation, however they heard the unmistakable purr of Opel engines. The Germans had neglected to leave a guard on their vehicles much to the delight of Wu-Hu's men who managed to steal the two trucks and a Kubelwagen.

Results wise I awarded the game jointly to Indy and Wu-Hu as they most fully completed their objectives.

Capitaine Gallante survived and was rescued by Mireille and Trevor the cave boy - not quite theway it was supposed to happen.

The Yeti was very annoyed by the whole business.

Capitaine Gallante, Yvette............Jason "hop a long" Hussey
Indy et al.........................................Wayne "can I drive up the mountain?" Richards
Von Skarr........................................Richard "out for a walk" Smith
Wu-Hu.............................................Alice "I annoy Nazis" Smith
Primitives, Yetis, Bugs..................Ron "are there any of my cards in this pack?" Stewart
Director............................................Matt "I make it up as I go along" Slade

All figures painted by Matt Slade apart from the French, painted by Jason.

Part 2 Astounding Tales Pulp game at the Wargames Assoc of Reading

Shortround puts his foot to the floor and surprises some primitives by driving straight in their patch of jungle. By some miracle he makes it through but the truck will take 6 turns to repair. Turns out to be a job for Doctor Jones Senior.

On the other side of the table Von Skarr's expedition are surprised by a nasty bug. And I do not refer to food poisoning.

Wu-Hu's men are ambushed by the primitives. In the far distance a couple of captives. Special rule for Wu-Hu who can choose to have a captive summarily executed to "encourage" his men in case of failed GUTS tests.

The French are depleted from a number of ambushes, but bravely make their way to top of the mountain. The lovely Mireille struggles to free herself whilst her captors are fighting the Legionnaires, whose Brutal Sergeant falls to well placed spear thrust (Zut Alors!). The primitive shaman, meanwhile strikes the mountain with his staff with much jibber-jabbering.

Indy and the gang approach the cave entrance. The shaman has summoned the Old Man of the Mountain - a fearsome Yeti. They hear the engine of their jaloppy start up below.

Part 1 Astounding Tales Pulp game at the Wargames Assoc of Reading

Indy and Pals - Objective to find a crystal skull and to foil Von Skarr's plans.

Wu-Hu, the local Chinese Warlord. Repulsing Westerners, capturing Leading Roles to publicly execute and seeking vehicle parts for his fleet of cars.

Von Skarr's scientific expedition. Bring back a breeding pair of Aryan primitives and if possible capture his nemesis Indiana Jones.

The gallant Capitaine Gallante in search of his beloved Mireille. Would also like to capture Wu-Hu and bring him to justice.

The newly found lost tribe who have captured Mireille and intend to drop her off at the local yeti cave.

This scenario is based on a sample game in my favourite Pulp rules - Astounding Tales (2nd Edition) by Howard Whitehouse. Not sure who, if anyone stocks them in the UK. I get mine direct by Zeppelin mail from The Virtual Armchair General (TVAG).

Monday, 18 April 2011

KillerbGames GAFDOZ

Retro Sci-Fi range from KillerbGames

I love these miners.

These were painted for Mark in New York

Killer b Games geezers. Love the schoolboy with catapult

These figures were all painted for Mark in New York.

Great fashion sense!

I have a set of these guys which are going to feature in some 7TV games. New rules from Crooked Dice.
Here come the girls!

Black Scorpion Cowboys

These fine chaps from the superb Black Scorpion range were painted for Darren at the Reading club. He wanted a villainous looking gang hence the Hollywood black hats.