Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Chaos Dwarves and Squid Faced Demons available from Glenbrook Games

CP Chaos Dwarves and Squid Faced Demons added to the ranges carried by Glenbrook Games at UK shows from Cannon (2nd April 2017 in Retford) onwards.

Wizard and Apprentice sold as a pair.

Squid Faced Demons

All figures supplied unpainted but my painting service can soon remedy that!

Foundry Elves

Sikh infantry, artillery and cavalry

Crooked Dice astronauts and giant apes

Artizan NWF Scots

Reaper Bones monsters

Warlord Last Levy - Berlin Defenders

CP Models Near Future Troopers

Zombicide Black Plague figures

Reaper weirdness!

Malifaux commission

More Reaper Bones creatures - worried highlander included for scale purposes!

Perry Miniatures Egyptians

Heer 46 miniatures - Kharkov SS

Front Rank French Light Infantry