Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dux in Action - Border Tower Raid at the Gloucester Club

I have used my British/Welsh Kingdoms Gripping Beast figures for my British army so far (they are on the square bases). The first replacements are from Artizan on the round bases. I've started with the levy. Each group has a shield colour scheme. Red levy in the foreground above.

The first Artizan noble to join the ranks - Marcus the Bastard

The green levy including farm implements from the spares box. I knew they'd come in handy one day!

Mattimus the Damned (left) and his as yet un-named champion. Pointing figures have become the norm for our champions so far.

Antonius the flatulent. Curiously he is a short, 34 year old athelte - the mind boggles! this figure was going to represent my champion but after rolling up this character he had to become Antonius.

Game wise - I got far too involved to take more photos. The game ended with a second defeat for the Saxon raiders a 7 point margin giving me some newly recruited skirmisher.

Dux Commission - Gripping Beast Saxons on Warbases

Dux Commission - Gripping Beast Romano Brits on Warbases

Napoleonic Commission - Foundry Austrian Generals

Napoleonic Commission - Foundry Austrian Hussars