Thursday 29 December 2011

Doctor Who Triple Play - Part Three - The Cybermen

This is one of the Invasion scenarios from DWMG. The Cybermen are coming out of the sewers while the UNIT team, with the Doctor and Polly, make their way across the city to recover the Cerebraton device from a crashed UNIT landrover.

All is quiet. The crashed Landrover is to the right of the Cathedral at the top of the picture. The UNIT team enter from the near side. 6 counters are placed for the manholes through which the Cybermen will emerge.

The objective.

The Doctor hugs the wall as the UNI force advances hurriedly before too many Cybermen appear.

The first Cyberman climbs out of the sewer.

Another appears and is quickly overpowered. The sergeant orders one of the grenade armed men to remain there. Private Smith drops a grenade each turn to prevent any Cybermen using it for the rest of the game, hoping that this will provide his team with an escape route.

UNIT soldiers take cover behind the warehouse as they near the objective.

Private Roberts makes a dash for the crash site and finds the device.

The sergeant keeps watch by the phone box as Roberts prepares to get back to the team.

Cybermen have gathered in an attempt to cut off the returning UNIT force, but with the aid of his own and Polly's Luck, he is able to block the Cyber control signal long enough for the soldiers to finish them off. The team make it back to base but sadly, Smith doesn't make it, being gunned down just as he is about to get away.

So three good fun games over two days. All UNIT victories but it could easily have gone the other way with a little fortune.

Doctor Who Triple Play - Part Two - The Autons

This is the Locate Swarm Leader scenario from the DWMG rules played out on the standard 4x4 board. The 3rd Doctor, Jo an UNIT are at Sam Sealey's farm looking for the Auton swarm leader as are the Autons who are lurking in the undergrowth.

The Sealey farm. The Doctor has found some bits and pieces and starts his invent rolls as soon as he can. In a fit of pique at the Doctor not letting her help as usual, Jo heads off into the woods impulsively, followed by a concerned UNIT soldier, "Oi, come back Miss Grant, the Brig'll kill me!".

The Brigadier organises his defences as Autons begin to move into view.

Grenades at the ready.

Jo makes it back to the farm without finding the sphere.

Autons on the move.

A soldier goes up in a puff of special effects, the first victim of the boiler suited menace.

On the other side of the table, Private Jenkins looks on as Private Perkins is clubbed to death by an Auton.

Jenkins finds the sphere and heads back to the relative safety of the farm.

The Autons breach the farm's defences just in time for the Doctor to discover a major weakness if the plastic villains are engaged in close combat.


...the Doctor saves the day. His sonic screwdriver halts the Autons, allowing the UNIT men to finish them off with ease.

The Brigadier joins in the fun, finishing off an uncontrolled Auton.

UNIT and the Doctor break out of the farm and head off towards the edge of the table. Time for one last sonic/rifle butt combo I think.

The last Auton is recalled. The Nestene consciousness will have to recover the sphere some other way.

Doctor Who Triple Play - Part One - The Daleks

First of three games against step son Mike over Christmas. The first saw UNIT with the Second Doctor, Zoe and Jamie defending a Dalek crash site. UNIT have cordoned off the area and are awaiting an assault by a Dalek retrieval team who are trying to recover three elements of a new time travel device. The Doctor starts in the warehouse with Zoe, trying to invent something which may aid the UNIT defenders. Jamie attaches himself and his luck points to a bazooka team. UNIT is led by the Brigadier who is ably assisted by Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton. Two squads of Daleks are on their way.

The battlefield is set up and ready to go. UNIT can deploy up to the barricades. The Daleks will enter the field on the road at the top left edge of the picture.

Close up of the crash site.

The Doctor and Zoe, wish Jamie well as he goes out to join the UNIT soldiers.

Machine Gun team takes position on the warehouse roof, whilst their comrades take up position to engage the first wave of Daleks which can be seen at the top of the picture.

The Daleks observe the Green Cross Code and, looking right, then left, then right again, cross the street.

Bazooka rounds head in the Daleks direction, destroying one immediately. The Daleks close to blaster range.

Jamie adds his luck to grenade and bazooka hits and the Daleks are in trouble.

The Brigadier steps up and fires his pistol at the Patrol Leader. The Daleks, unable to roll higher than a 3 for virtually the whole game, are helpless as the Brig rolls an outrageous 6 to take it out of the game.

The second wave advances on the other flank.

Yates repeats the Brigadier's trick, taking out a Dalek with his pistol.

The Doctor has invented a variable jamming device, but with such luck against them, the Daleks make a last charge against the UNIT barricades.

The Dalek force Commander is defiant as its cohort is destroyed.

Zoe joins the soldiers on the rooftop in their celebration of a successful defence,
"She's much prettier than a computer!"

A bizarre turn of events as UNIT repulsed the Dalek attack for minimal losses. Something went horribly wrong with the Dalekanium armour rolls and it has to be said that it is not your day as an invading alien when two pistol shots take out two Daleks without requiring a single luck point!

Next Up Autons!

Shaun inspired Dead Walk Again (DWA) Game

With family staying for Christmas, I inflicted one of my zombie games on them. Another excuse (if one were needed) to use my new Warbases buildings. I would normally set these in the US using my Plasticville and cardstock buildings. For a change I set it in the UK and went for a Shaun of the Dead type scenario where the characters have decided that the pub would be the best place to hole up.

The cast (armed with a motley selection of odds and ends of blunt, edged and missile weapons) -
Monica and Shaun played by Mike
Bruce and Jane played by Debs
Chuck and Elvis played by Tom

The characters entered the table by the church in the top left of the picture below and had to make it to the Cloven Hoof pub in the bottom right of this picture.

Initial discussions of various plans and ideas started promisingly as the team decided whether to risk going down the main road with its various bottlenecks or whether to head across the street, go through the buildings and down the alley at the back.

A combination of vehicles and road works present some potential nasty bottlenecks.

A zombie wanders around outside the pub.

The plan is to cross the road, go through the buildings and down the alley. However Chuck and Elvis decide to head into the back of the butchers shop instead, leaving their team mates facing their first zombie as they reach the junction. So much for that plan!

As GM, I decide to roll for vicar zombie to see if he will manage to scramble over the car. He needs and rolls a 6 but fails to chow down on Bruce who promptly fails his Fear test - what a start?

Having disposed of vicar zombie, Jane and Shaun dash across the street to find the first doors they try to be firmly locked. They are then interrupted by road worker zombie who is promptly disposed of.

Shaun finds an open door and is attacked at the door by scottish zombie. Distracted by the swirling sporran. Shaun is bitten and takes a wound.

Ouch! Shaun immediately fails his wounds roll and is dead, but for how long will he remain so?

Zombies further down the street begin to react. Mechanic zombie leaves the used car lot.

Ali Z and mechanic zombie move towards the noise.

Butcher zombie wanders out of the general store.

Pants zombie's sunbathing is disturbed as Jane, Monica and Bruce eventually find a house with an unlocked door and bundle their way through the yards to alley beyond.

From left to right -Bruce, Jane and Monica.

Aha, Chuck and Elvis having found nothing more interesting than a car battery, use it to smash their way through the front window of the butchers shop. The noise attracts more zombies but most of the ones that were in the street are trying to break down doors to follow the rest of the survivors.

Zombie of the night sniffs out the survivors and the moan goes up, drawing a crowd towards the alleyway.

The smashing window brings a whole heap of trouble down on Chuck and Elvis.

Fear tests become increasingly difficult as Chuck and Elvis move painfully slowly past the roadworks towards the bus.

Scotty zombie attacks Bruce who has developed a habit of failing fear tests. A psychosis beckons. Monica remains impervious to fear.

Picking off the nearest threats, Jane, Bruce and Monica make a break for the pub.

Pants zombie is taken out by Jane, whilst at the top of the picture, Chuck and Elvis, attempt to use the bottleneck at the junction to their advantage, limiting the number of zombies who can get close to them.

Chuck is felled by a mark knopfler zombie, punk zombie and zombie of the night combo. He immediately succumbs to his wounds.

Bruce gets the pub door open, but fails yet another fear test. Jane gets in, followed by Monica who dispatches drip zombie.

Elvis fights his way through the zombies...

...this is going to be tricky...

Bruce holds the door open whilst fending off a zombie who does a good impression of a little teapot, " Come on Elvis!"...

...Elvis is momentarily amused to see Elvis impersonator zombie gyrating in his direction.

The reanimated corpse of Shaun cannot help being drawn towards the pub.

Elvis makes it through the door past Bruce who manages to break away from the zombies allowing Jane to shut the door. Elvis collapsed as soon as he got through the door and Monica put a round through his head to prevent his return. Bruce failed his final fear test and ended up wibbling in the corner having developed depression on his psychosis roll.

Pork scratching anyone?