Thursday 29 December 2011

Doctor Who Triple Play - Part Two - The Autons

This is the Locate Swarm Leader scenario from the DWMG rules played out on the standard 4x4 board. The 3rd Doctor, Jo an UNIT are at Sam Sealey's farm looking for the Auton swarm leader as are the Autons who are lurking in the undergrowth.

The Sealey farm. The Doctor has found some bits and pieces and starts his invent rolls as soon as he can. In a fit of pique at the Doctor not letting her help as usual, Jo heads off into the woods impulsively, followed by a concerned UNIT soldier, "Oi, come back Miss Grant, the Brig'll kill me!".

The Brigadier organises his defences as Autons begin to move into view.

Grenades at the ready.

Jo makes it back to the farm without finding the sphere.

Autons on the move.

A soldier goes up in a puff of special effects, the first victim of the boiler suited menace.

On the other side of the table, Private Jenkins looks on as Private Perkins is clubbed to death by an Auton.

Jenkins finds the sphere and heads back to the relative safety of the farm.

The Autons breach the farm's defences just in time for the Doctor to discover a major weakness if the plastic villains are engaged in close combat.


...the Doctor saves the day. His sonic screwdriver halts the Autons, allowing the UNIT men to finish them off with ease.

The Brigadier joins in the fun, finishing off an uncontrolled Auton.

UNIT and the Doctor break out of the farm and head off towards the edge of the table. Time for one last sonic/rifle butt combo I think.

The last Auton is recalled. The Nestene consciousness will have to recover the sphere some other way.


  1. Only one dead?

    UNIT can't have been trying!

  2. Martin - three unit guys bit the dust in the game, still a poor show from the autons!