Thursday 29 December 2011

Doctor Who Triple Play - Part Three - The Cybermen

This is one of the Invasion scenarios from DWMG. The Cybermen are coming out of the sewers while the UNIT team, with the Doctor and Polly, make their way across the city to recover the Cerebraton device from a crashed UNIT landrover.

All is quiet. The crashed Landrover is to the right of the Cathedral at the top of the picture. The UNIT team enter from the near side. 6 counters are placed for the manholes through which the Cybermen will emerge.

The objective.

The Doctor hugs the wall as the UNI force advances hurriedly before too many Cybermen appear.

The first Cyberman climbs out of the sewer.

Another appears and is quickly overpowered. The sergeant orders one of the grenade armed men to remain there. Private Smith drops a grenade each turn to prevent any Cybermen using it for the rest of the game, hoping that this will provide his team with an escape route.

UNIT soldiers take cover behind the warehouse as they near the objective.

Private Roberts makes a dash for the crash site and finds the device.

The sergeant keeps watch by the phone box as Roberts prepares to get back to the team.

Cybermen have gathered in an attempt to cut off the returning UNIT force, but with the aid of his own and Polly's Luck, he is able to block the Cyber control signal long enough for the soldiers to finish them off. The team make it back to base but sadly, Smith doesn't make it, being gunned down just as he is about to get away.

So three good fun games over two days. All UNIT victories but it could easily have gone the other way with a little fortune.


  1. Great stuff - I only wish BDT was more reliable so I could add to my meager collection of Who minis. It is hard to play a game with only one or two figures.

  2. Another great Episode. You could always just the modern Doctors by crooked Dice and Heresy that would give you three varietys

  3. Another great looking game.

    I presume those are your Sarissa and Warbases buildings? They look like they're well worth the money.

  4. Great terrain. I'll have to look at their buildings when I am ready to buy some more.