Monday 18 March 2013

"Rescue from the Schwarzherz Wald" Part 2 - A Fear and Faith scenario sequel

Part one can be found here

The cave complex and the temple


Your minions have brought two maidens to you at great cost. Many of your werewolves have been slain, and you are down to the last of your brood, the bloodline has become weak.
In order to spawn stronger creatures the maidens must be changed into wolfkind so they can breed with you and produce a purer strain. They have been bitten and are secured to columns in your mountain temple. At the appointed time (10 o’clock) the moon will shine through a portal in the roof of the cavern on to the pillars and their fates (far worse than death) will be sealed.
You have under your command the remains of your pack and some Cossacks who serve you loyally as long as they get paid.

The Rescuers
The surviving soldiers and gypsies treat their wounded. Having recovered the silver weapons from the gypsy and werewolf corpses they track the werewolves back to their lair. They look on as one of the creatures disappears into a mountain side cave, the entrance to which is guarded by a pair of swarthy Cossack guards.
Two of the gypsies dispatch the guards but not before one of them fires off a shot. From within the cave, the haunting howl of wolves can be heard...
Beshaley, leader of the gypsies knows that this is the “Night of Changing”, the one time of the year when new female werewolves can be created. Beshaley, Captain Frederickson and Lt Holtzmann swear vengeance and lead their force into the caves to attempt to free Drina and Alicia.

The captives. Alicia and Drina with the Werewolf Lord awaiting their fate.

Werewolves and wolves rush from the temple to meet the rescue party

Beshaley orders his people forward

And they are the first to encounter the wolves

Beshaley (far right) encourages the rest of the gypsies forward

More wolves lie in wait

The soldiers cannot help forming line to volley the wolves in the rocks

Lt Holtzmann leads his jagers towards the temple
The gypsies make it to one side of the temple.

On the other, the soldiers come under fire from the Cossack Guards

The Werewolf Lord bides his time and lurks behind the temple doors...

...and prepares to pounce as one of the gypsy blacksmiths reaches Drina.

He pounces on the brave blacksmith who miraculously survives but is pushed away from Drina towards Alicia.

The soldiers finally break through the Cossack's stubborn resistance.

As the moon begins to move across the portal in the temple ceiling, the gypsies rush in and get into position to free the two girls. 

Needing only one activation to free the girls, the Gypsies roll a double one.

Lt Holtzmann can only look on in desperation as he too rolls a pair of ones and sees first Drina, and then Alicia struck by the shaft of moonlight and their fate is sealed. Cue closing close up up of Alicia's eyes as they change into those of the wolf.....

Wow, what a close game this was. Fear and Faith (as do all Ganesha rules) always seems to produce these great Hollywood moments.

The two double ones on the last turn by the Rescue Party was unbelievable. 

Well played Mark (Werewolves), Julian (Beshaley's Gypsies) and Ralph (Holtzmann and Frederickson and their soldiers) for playing the game in great spirit as always. I was worn out just umpiring and cheerleading!

Forces used - Werewolves

Werewolf Lord                 Quality 2+            Combat Value 4
Abilities: Very Fearful, Leader, Long Move, Savage, Danger Sense, Werewolf

2 Werewolves                   Quality 3+            Combat Value 4
Abilities: Long Move, Werewolf

6 Wolves                              Quality 3+            Combat Value 3
Abilities: Long Move, Forester

Cossack Guard Captain  Quality 4+            Combat Value 2
Abilities: Leader                                Weapons: Sword and Pistols

8 Cossack Guard               Quality 4+            Combat Value 2
Abilities: None                  Weapons: Musket

After 5 Good turnovers another werewolf with 4 wolves entered the caves behind the rescue party.

Forces used - Rescuers

Capt Jochen Frederickson            Quality 3+            Combat Value 2
Abilities: Leader (soldiers only), Silver Weapon (sword), Strongwilled, Tough
Weapons: Sword, Pistol

Lt Anders Holtzmann                      Quality 3+            Combat Value 3
Abilities: NCO (soldiers only), Hero, Silver Weapon (sword), Strongwilled, Tough
Weapons: Sword, Pistol

12 Soldiers                                          Quality 4+            Combat Value 2               
Abilities: Steadfast (+1 to morale rolls)
Weapons: Musket

Beshaley                                              Quality 3+            Combat Value 3
Abilities: Leader (gypsies only), Hero, Silver Weapon (knife),  Strongwilled, Tough
Weapons: Knife, Musket

2 Gypsy Knife Throwers                                Quality 4+            Combat Value 3
Abilities: Danger Sense, Silver Weapon (knife), Strongwilled
Weapons: Throwing Knives
2 Gypsy Blacksmiths                       Quality 4+            Combat Value 2
Abilities: Strong, Tough, Silver Weapon (knife)
Weapons: Hammer

3 Gypsy Fighters                               Quality 4+            Combat Value 2
Abilities: Strongwilled, Silver Weapon (knife)
Weapons: Pistol, Throwing Knives

1 Gypsy Dancer                                 Quality 4+            Combat Value 1
Abilities: Acrobat, Silver Weapon (knife)
Weapons: Throwing Knives

Saturday 9 March 2013

40 Vikings in one day

Sounds like a song by Crowded House?

These chaps were painted today for sale at the Alumwell show tomorrow. Rapid base drying courtesy of the boiler cupboard in my painting room!!

Glenbrook Games at Alumwell 10th March

I'll be trading at the show tomorrow.

New for this show - zombies!!

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