Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Open Combat at the Forest of Dean Gamers Club last night

Open Combat takes off at the Forest of Dean Gamers club tonight. This is my board where my fine bunch of fellows took on Ralph's ne'er do wells. 

My heroes from l to r. Ragnar Ravenclaw (leader), Gur Longshanks, Erik Sure Eye, Brunhilde and Randall Cheesy-Nob (so named after his famed bread and cheese confection!).
The sleepy hamlet doesn't know what's about to hit it. We played the treasure hunt scenario. The red markers being searchable places of interest. My chaps are advancing from the near edge. 
I've paid points for javelins to represent attacks by Ragnars trusty pet raven. Here it is used to great effect against a lowly archer. 
Ralph's party has already located two of the three treasure tokens so it all looks a bit desperate for my lot. The situation is not helped when the strong but not so bright Gur finds the catastrophe marker and has a bucket of slops dropped on his head knocking him out cold. 
One of Ralph's skulking fellows gloats as his leader wanders off casually with the loot (some gave cruelly suggested that it looks like he's giving a dog a piggy back!). 
Ralph's archers secure another location while the barrel is searched. Brunhilde found the third treasure and the game was brought swiftly to a close with Ragnars gang leaving with their tails between their legs. 
A second game was played and normal order was restored with Cheesy intimidating the opposition to mindlessness with his witty repartee enabling my fighters to finish them off. 


  1. What a blast! Cheesey nob? Any good?

  2. Great stuff! I backed this...but have since realised I have a distinct lack of pre-gunpowder figs (just the Greeks you did for me). I'll have to remedy that!

  3. It's a great little game. I've got the Kickstarter book coming too. I'm sure I can hel you out with some figures Gord!

    1. My lead mountain is your lead mountain, Matt. I've got a load of Wild West figs, more Darkest Africa stuff and a quickly growing pile of NWF figs all waiting their turn first!!

  4. Lovely! Trouble is I do have a lead mountain of my own of course!

  5. Backed it myself - Looking forward to the hard backed edition :-)

  6. Great game! Picked up these rules too, looking good. Where did you get the cobbled streets Matt?

  7. Hi Mark,

    They're by Kobblestone in the US. Not a very cheap way to do it, but best I've found. No painting required either!