Monday, 16 March 2015

Another new project - 6mm Ancients

A rather rash purchase from Baccus at Alumwell resulted in a 6mm Successor army accompanying me home. 

I hadn't realised that the phalangites came open handed with no pikes. Faced with seven 48 man pike blocks I was relieved that Baccus do the same figures with cast pikes. While I await their arrival I got all of the rest of the army pack done in one day (he whispered). 

3 command stands. Made sure that there's a black horses commander in case my Successors find themselves time travelling to serve under Alexander. 

Loving my 6mm elephant. Placed some skirmishers on the base to act as guards. 

Companion cavalry

2 stands of medium cavalry

2 stands of light skirmishing cavalry

2 lots of infantry skirmishers. 

Light infantry

Hoplite infantry. 

Next step will be the pike armed phalanxes. 

Rules wise, I'm looking at Imperus, Sword and Spear and To The Strongest. 

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