Monday, 7 January 2013

Medieval Commission


  1. Nice brushwork on all of them Matt, They all look great.

  2. Nice work mate.

    Do you paint the shields in situ or do you glue them on as a last thing!?!

    I'm doing some Saxons and the shields are just bogging me down like I don't know what,,

  3. Love the colors and combinations. Sweet stuff, Matt.

  4. Thanks chaps. These were painted for Dan Mersey of Song of Arthur and Merlin and Dux Bellorum fame. Dan is building a "red" and "yellow" force, hence the colour schemes. The "yellow" foot are a previous blog entry.

    As for shields, I paint them in situ. Always a bit awkward painting behind the shield, but what you can't see doesn't need painting. It also means you don't have to scrape a load of paint off to make sure the surfaces bond if you glue the shield on afterwards.