Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 figures painted

Hi all,

Thought it would be interesting to record how many 28mm miniatures I paint this year.

So far -

Mounted 30
Foot       61

This is made up of the following-
Dan's Medievals: 12 mtd knights, 24 infantry
Richard H's Napoleonics: 12 russian cuirassiers, 6 mtd generals, 8 staff on foot
Larry's moderns: 12 militia for 1970s african wars and 15 viet cong/personalities
My Normans: 12 archers


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  2. How can this be? .... it's only the 8th of January..... This is madness! ... I'm still setting my paints out and thinking about what to paint.

  3. LOL I'll echo Steves comments, I have A lot of Catching up to do!!

  4. Nearly finished 40 odd Vietnam grunts so you'll need to pull your fingers out!!

  5. I am with steve and Simon: it's madness! And there's more to come. I will just watch in awe.

  6. And here I was, all happy about my painting achievements from last year... (mostly after reading some 2012 lookback blog posts from guys who painted even less than I did).

    Back to feeling miserable about my production level :-(