Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Curse of Pirate Rules - Strange Grogge 22 June 2011

Why the Curse of the Pirate Rules?

At the Reading club we have been looking for some time for a set of pirate rules that will cope with our stupidly large collection of pirate figures. This now includes a number of fantasy races from the likes of Black Scorpion. Throw in the fact that we like to do multi-player games, we have been left scratching our heads somewhat.

Last night we had not really organised anything so threw together a small three player Strange Grogge.
Richard H "buried" treasure under a marker and then scattered the rest around one corner of the table in an abandoned settlement. He rolled up an undead crew to defend the treasure from two marauding crews - one dwarf and one orc.

I rolled up a pathetically small band of orcs/goblins.

Richard S rolled up a numerous Dwarf crew. Stout fellows all.

Things started well for the Orcs with an initial assault storming the settlement boundary fence, although the orc in the green coat at the back took a nasty shot as he crossed the open ground.

This proved to be a high tide (!) for the orcs as they managed to drop their weapons with alarming frequency. The Skellie with the musketoon in the background kept backing off and picking away at the orcs. The double one from Richard H sealed the fate of the red coated orc in the centre of the pic. Not the only outrageous throw of the evening.

Hurray! At last the Dwarves arrive. Having taken a surprising amount of damage crossing the terrain with no elan whatsoever (they are quite tall fences I suppose).

The musketoon skellie who gave my orcs so much trouble is dispatched with embarrassing ease at the first Dwarf attempt with a critical success roll.

Devasting dwarf pistol fire keeps the boneheads at bay.

As a blurry dusk falls the dwarves find the gold and make good their escape. Well done Richard S! My orcs were down to the last two by this stage and had lost their captain (who had dropped his sword again).

I like Strange Grogge but they cannot handle loads of figure groups. Really nice for more detailed skirmish though.

The quest goes on.........


  1. Next time the flamboyant elves will make an appearance I hope. And even when they fail miserably at least it will be in style.


  2. It's ok Jason, in Strange Grogge double one is as good as it gets!!