Thursday, 16 June 2011

1938 British Civil War After Action Report (15th June 2011)

This game was based on the BCW gun running scenario from the Triumphant Standards between the wars spin off by Too Fat Lardies which complements the excellent Mud and Blood WW1 rules.

I moved the setting to Berkshire (we are the Wargames Assoc of Reading after all!) where the Berkshire Defence League had word from Aldermaston Manor that some dubious looking fellows in flat caps and red neckerchiefs were hanging around by the Kennet and Avon canal at Aldermaston Wharf. The BDL send a small patrol to see what is going on. A subsequent call from the Manor tells the BDL Sergeant that shots have been heard so the local League militia are called to assemble and go to the canal in force.

"Don't Panic", the strangely familiar Corporal drops back with his patrol after a successful assault drive the dubious fellows away from their defensive position. (Flag donated by the Piddle Valley Defence Volunteers during an exchange programme)

The dubious fellows at the wharf are in fact Comrades Dougalls and Hovis with brave bothers of the Aldermaston branch of the Democratic Millers Alliance who are a awaiting a delivery of rifles. These are being supplied by the Huntley and Palmer branch (Reading based) of the People's Biscuit Makers who under the cooperative leadership of Comrade Tony "Dunker" McVitie is due to arrive by barge at the wharf. The BDL are seen as a reactionary unelected toff led band and following numerous sub-committees, the Socialists who have decided to put them in their place and free the oppressed estate workers (they have not actually checked as to whether the estate workers are; a oppressed or b require freeing!).

Objectives are quite simple. Socialists to successfully deliver the guns, BDL to put a stop to their left wing nonsense.

The Millers fall back to the canal.

More Millers take position on the bridge as the gamekeeper and staff approach through the woods.

The barge finally turns up (no visible chaps on the barge as they count as being on a blind until spotted).

BDL militia reinforce the initial patrol. Their Big Man looks uncannily like Godfrey from Dad's Army.

The first box of rifles is unloaded but time is short. The BDL are on their way in force.

Comrades take position on the bridge to repel the BDL reinforcements.

The BDL line the bank and pour fire down onto the Socialists.

Discretion being the better part of valour, under heavy fire, the Socialists load the guns back on board and head back to Reading for an urgent sub-committee sub-group.

As ever with the Lardies, the rules threw up some good tense situations where every turn of the card deck is eagerly anticipated/dreaded, especially when crossing open ground in view of the enemy.


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  1. Good stuff. That scratchbuilt barge is cracking good work!