Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Female Napoleonic restock in time for Derby Worlds

These have been restocked in time for Derby Worlds this coming weekend where I will have them on my Glenbrook Games trade stand. 

These make great character figures for scenario driven games like Sharp Practice, Song of Drums and Shakos and the soon to be released Forager. 

Sculpted by Martin Baker, these are manufactured by Elite Wargames and Models (not to be confused with Peter Morbey's Elite Miniatures). Elite Wargames sell through mainly eBay but often prove difficult to find so I am now selling them at shows. 

Please contact me on or through the contact page on where you will also find a full list of shows which I will be attending as Glenbrook Games in 2017. 

British rifles 

from left to right

1 Officer

2 volley gun

3 advancing

4 standing

Spanish guerillas

from left to right

5 advancing

6 blunderbuss

7 sword and pistol

8 firing musket 


from left to right

9 pistol

10 pitchfork

11 musket

British infantry

from left to right

12 officer with sword

13 standing musket

French line

from left to right

14 standing with musket 

15 officer with sword and pistol

16 cantiniere

French grenadiers

from left to right

17 grenadier officer 

18 Sapper

19 advancing with musket

Other nationalities

from left to right

20 Prussian 

21 Austrian Grenzer

22 Russian Cossack


  1. Matt -- Any chance of ordering from the US?

  2. I can do that. Let me know what you would like and I'll work out the cost with shipping. They are £1.90 each.



  3. Splendid figures!! Arrived safely, beautifully cast, full of character, quite appealing, many, many uses. I couldn't be more delighted!! Thank you Matt!!

  4. Glad they got to you ok.

    Many thanks