Sunday, 10 April 2016

Proud to announce the first in a new line of embroidered dice bags first up Toofatlardies Pint & Pie logo

With the imminent release of Sharp Practice 2, that all round good egg, Rich Clarke of Toofatlardies has given us permission to use the pint & pie logo on the first of our new embroidered gaming bags. Ideal for dice and games where you need to draw counters, dice, poker chips etc from a bag. 

This is the first one off the production line, destined for the man himself, pictured below with a celebratory pint (for scale purposes you understand!). The bag is made of black cotton twill so is pretty tough and each bag is fully lined in golden yellow and complete with matching drawstring. The bags measure approx 8"x6" when flat. 

If you would like one, drop us a line at They cost £12 with just the logo and £15 if you would like it personalised like the one pictured. Postage in the UK will be £3.00, Europe £4 and rest of the world £5.50. They can also of course be collected from us at shows that we attend. 

Please note. These are going to be made to order as the embroidery must be done before assembly - assembly which is done by my lovely wife Debs who, unlike me, still has a proper job to go to. We will aim to get them in the post two to four weeks from placing your order. 


Matt and Debs Slade

Glenbrook Games


  1. I do have an awful lot of dice... So if this is 'first up' what else is in the pipeline?

  2. We've bought an embroidery machine so ultimately we hope to produce bespoke bag designs. Any ideas? I was looking at Dragons and Lions in the Rampant Heraldic positions if you get the hint! Nice thing is we can add names to personalise the bags.

    1. Dragons and Lions Rampant would be cool. SPQR for Roman games? A longhship's dragon head prow? How about...

      I have wrought my simple plan
      If I give one hour of joy
      To the boy who's half a man
      Or the man who's half a boy.

      Arthur Conan Doyle

      Or is that too long?

    2. What IS the length restriction? How many characters?

    3. Hi Nicholas, still getting used to the technology. Depends on font size and type. Text eats up the thread surprisingly quickly so I suspect that we will end up with stitch numbers deciding the cost. By way of an example, a Lardy bag with logo and the name as shown above is about 5500 stitches. The text that Gord is after which takes up about the same room on the bag is twice that and isn't yet as clear as we would like. I really can't give a definitive answer. Best bet is to give us your ideas and we will work with you. If we can't do it so be it.

  3. A d6, or d20, with the one facing up, might sell well...

  4. A d6, or d20, with the one facing up, might sell well...

  5. Thanks for the ideas guys. All appreciated. Debs is currently doing a lot of individually and group commissioned bags. As we hope it will gradually take over from a couple of days at least from her full time job we intend to produce more stock items. Downside is that because they are fully lined, we can't embroider on an assembled bag. It has to be done before the bag is put together.