Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Song of Drums and Shakos presented by Glenbrook Games at the Derby show

We ran two simple participation games as a taster to new players. This picture shows one half of the table. A chest of documents had to be recovered from the wagon.
On the other side of the table a similar chest was to be recovered from the building.
54mm Victrix French Voltigeurs in action by the building.
54mm British Light Company secure the wagon.
Both games in action at once. As ever all players really enjoyed the rules win or lose!


  1. Very nice. Looks like you had some good numbers participating as well. Did you paint the minis? Sweet job!

  2. Good looking games. Not been to the Derby show, but all the photos I have seen make it look like a good show. Sodium lighting though always gives that yellow look to pictures. Not your fault of course, venues want cheap lighting so we all have to put up with it. All the Best Clint

  3. Very nice Matt, are you bringing these to warfare

  4. Hi all. Yes Larry, all my own work.

    I am only trading at Warfare so no game. The club would not let me "trade from a table" even though I offered to pay a reduced rate.