Monday, 12 December 2011

MDF buildings - Warbases

Roof tiles are Slaters plasticard

Brick work is a wash of watered down burnt sienna. The etched lines show through quite heavy washes. I have then picked out a few bricks in lighter and darker shades. All pieces are painted before assembly. Much easier as I learned the hard way!

Shop signs done on MS Word. All have nerdy BBC TV references. I have also got a J JONES ~ FAMILY BUTCHER.


  1. OK, as an American whose exposure to British sitcoms has been limited, let me see if I got these ... Arkwright's is from Open All Hours and J. Jones Family Butcher is Dad's Army, correct? But the Cloven Hoof, that's from Doctor Who in the Pertwee era, right?

  2. Cloven Hoof was the name of the in in Devils End in the story entitled 'the Daemons'.

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  4. Matt, did you undercoat the buildings? And as liking the effect what brand of burnt sienna?

    1. Hi Paul. Roofs were black under coated. Rest was put straight not the MDF. Burnt sienna is Daler Rowney.