Thursday, 22 December 2011

Irish War of Independence Game at the Gloucester club

Julian put on a game us at the Gloucester club using his figures and vehicles. Terrain is from Last Valley (hedges, trees walled fields), Warbases (MDF terraced houses) and Miniature Building Authority (Police house). Rules wise we used a variant of Legends of the Old West.

The scenario was an IRA raid on a police outpost. The British army relief column (Gary) had to try and get to them before the outpost fell. The outpost was manned by RUC and Black and Tans (Mark).

The IRA players (me and Andy) decided to deploy most of our force in the buildings across the street from the outpost. A small squad was deployed at a crossroads outside the town to attempt to delay the relief force.

Andy's men deploy into Mrs Riley's back passage.

The British relief column approach the crossroads.

The outpost starts to come under fire from the pub and houses across the street.

The ambush is sprung. A major exchange of fire takes place between IRA men in the buildings skirting the town and the relief column, slowing their progress. The British infantry are hampered by having to cross open ground whilst the defenders make the most of their cover.

Potshots are exchanged down Mrs Riley's back passage.

Having softened the defenders up, Andy's squad leads an assault on the entrance to the outpost.

The relief column got to the outskirts on the town but as one of the armoured cars began to take damage, the defenders of the police outpost also failed a pluck test, abandoning it to the Republicans. The British gave it up as a bad job and retired.

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  1. Good stuff! Don't often see people game this period but with all the VBCW figures now available I am tempted myself :)
    Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!!