Thursday, 15 December 2011

First 7TV episode at the Gloucester Club

7TV – Another exciting adventure with Department X
Episode 4 – “The Female of the Species”
International playboy and top agent Doctor Hugo Solomon has been captured by the villainous Lancelot Cray, head of United Radionics. Hugo is being held along with enslaved scientists, in an innocent looking warehouse in Slough which is in fact a storage facility for Cray’s Femdroids. Cray awaits the arrival of General Jaffa who is to take delivery of the latest batch of the lethal femme fatales to assist him in oppressing his people in the ongoing civil war in the People’s Democratic State of Tangerinia.
The Prologue...
During his 2 day captivity, Hugo has managed to train a pigeon to take a message to Dept X HQ giving them his location. General Horatio Gordon alerts Agent Pandora King who, taking a job in the UR typing pool, gets herself assigned to the Slough depot.
Gordon sets an ambush to prevent Jaffa getting through to the warehouse and sends in a team to assist King and Solomon.
Roll Title Sequence...
Objectives – Solomon and King
To get the scientists to safety. 10pts each.
To destroy the equipment in the warehouse. 10pts each.
Warehouse equipment is Def 5 but only takes one hit to destroy.

Objectives – General Gordon
To destroy femdroids, preventing any leaving the scene. +10pts for a destroyed Femdroid and -10 for any leaving the scene.
Bonus 10pts if Solomon is free at the end of the game.
Bonus 10pts if Jaffa gets no Femdroids.
Objectives – General Jaffa
To ensure the collection of 3 femdroids by General Jaffa. 15 points per femdroid collected and taken off table.
All femdroids are deactivated at the start of the game. You expect brand new femdroids so if they have been activated before you collect them, they are only worth 5pts each if collected but 10 if you get them off table. Femdroids are activated by a successful Int roll by a technician.

Objectives - Lancelot Cray
To ensure the collection of 3 femdroids by General Jaffa. 10 points per femdroid collected.
To keep Solomon in your custody at the end of the game 10pts.
All femdroids apart from Sissy, your personal favourite, are deactivated at the start of the game. Jaffa expects brand new femdroids so if you have to activate his, they are only worth 5pts each if collected. Femdroids are activated by a successful Int roll by a technician.

All is quiet on the streets of Slough. (Terraced houses in the middle by Warbases, others by Magister Militum)

The United Radionics compound in the foreground (Warehouse by Sarissa)

Inside the UR warehouse. Scientists and Solomon held captive in the heavily guarded upper level rooms, while Pandora, having infiltrated the organisation, hopes her cover as an admin assistant will hold (after all she has put on a pair of glasses and put her hair up - what a disguise!). The deactivated femdroids are made ready by their technicians.

Lancelot Cray and Sissy, his favourite Femdroid, await the arrival of General Jaffa.

Jaffa's men arrive and seeing a bunch of chaps in Dept X uniform commandeering cars up the street ahead of them, debus and take up a defensive position. The General is in the Jag behind the green Landrover. the rest of Jaffa's mercenaries are in the blue Landrover in the background.

Removing her specs and releasing her fullsome locks, Pandora goes into high kicking mode and after a couple of rounds, stuns Lancelot and puts Sissy out of action.

Department X agents and Jaffa's mercenaries take turns in a new form of demolition derby. The X Agents are in the blue and red saloon cars. The Landrover comes to a halt but not before shunting the blue car into the wall of a house, stunning two of its occupants (the car's and no doubt the nouse's too!). General Gordon survives the crash unharmed.

Gordon leaps out of the burning vehicle and takes pot shots at Jaffa's vehicles.

Jaffa finally arrives at the back of the warehouse.

After attempts to "seduce" the guards fail to get him out of his cell, the scientists picked the electronic locks and Solomon and the scientists resorted to brute strength to force the door open long enough for Pandora to fight her way up the stairs to assist them. Solomon raises down to the ground floor and starts to sabotage the computers and control panels. Two freed
boffins are intercepted and dragged away by Jaffa's men. Perhaps he can build his own Femdroids with their assistance?

The Epilogue

The game ended at that point. Pandora was taken out of action and captured at the top of the stairs. Cray remained stunned for the rest of the game, but escaped into his secret underground monorail car along with the unconscious Pandora. Solomon managed to destroy two computer banks before trying to escape down an access hatch and getting stuck in the process. Jaffa got away through the remaining X agents who had just arrived at the compound but not in enough numbers to stop his escape.

Scores on the Doors

Department X ran out winners by 10pts, mainly thanks to the damage done by Solomon and the efforts of the X Agents who delayed Jaffa for long enough to prevent him collecting his femdroids. The Slough facility was shut down

Roll Credits

Pandora King and Hugo Solomon..........................Gary
Horatio Gordon and the X Agents.............................Julian
Lancelot Cray, Sissy and Various Henchmen........Paul
General Jaffa and Mercenaries...............................Mark

Producer, Director..............................Matt


  1. Fantastic absolutly fantastic. Are all Jaffas men Killer B figs?

  2. Brummie - yes Jaffa and his men are all killer b. Gordon and Dept x agents are black tree Unit plus a few gripping beast falklands Brits. Rest are a mix of artizan copplestone and crooked dice.