Friday, 17 August 2018

Firestorm Crusaders

15mm Russian Cuirassiers

Crooked Dice Minions

Zombicide Miniatures

Test set up of the Partizan LOTR game

It's a whopper!

LOTR Rohirrm

Larry’s Furry Dragon Rampant Warband

Dracula’s America Congregation

Perry Samurai

Frostgrave soldiers and characters

Frostgrave undead

Last few LOTR additions ahead of the game at Partizan this weekend

Modern British Infantry

Modern Russian Infantry

Thursday, 26 July 2018

More RuneQuest creatures

It’s all Greek to me

Ahead of a Dragon Rampant game planned for this evening, I needed a suitable sorcerer type for my Greek Myths themed army. Had a root around in my Greek Myth drawer (yes that is a thing) and pulled out a King Aetes of Hydras teeth fame. He was already undercoated .

Also in a ready to paint state were the two ladies in litters. They're from Ainsty.

Had some other Bronze Age type stuff to do so got these done at the same time.