Thursday, 29 December 2011

Doctor Who Triple Play - Part One - The Daleks

First of three games against step son Mike over Christmas. The first saw UNIT with the Second Doctor, Zoe and Jamie defending a Dalek crash site. UNIT have cordoned off the area and are awaiting an assault by a Dalek retrieval team who are trying to recover three elements of a new time travel device. The Doctor starts in the warehouse with Zoe, trying to invent something which may aid the UNIT defenders. Jamie attaches himself and his luck points to a bazooka team. UNIT is led by the Brigadier who is ably assisted by Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton. Two squads of Daleks are on their way.

The battlefield is set up and ready to go. UNIT can deploy up to the barricades. The Daleks will enter the field on the road at the top left edge of the picture.

Close up of the crash site.

The Doctor and Zoe, wish Jamie well as he goes out to join the UNIT soldiers.

Machine Gun team takes position on the warehouse roof, whilst their comrades take up position to engage the first wave of Daleks which can be seen at the top of the picture.

The Daleks observe the Green Cross Code and, looking right, then left, then right again, cross the street.

Bazooka rounds head in the Daleks direction, destroying one immediately. The Daleks close to blaster range.

Jamie adds his luck to grenade and bazooka hits and the Daleks are in trouble.

The Brigadier steps up and fires his pistol at the Patrol Leader. The Daleks, unable to roll higher than a 3 for virtually the whole game, are helpless as the Brig rolls an outrageous 6 to take it out of the game.

The second wave advances on the other flank.

Yates repeats the Brigadier's trick, taking out a Dalek with his pistol.

The Doctor has invented a variable jamming device, but with such luck against them, the Daleks make a last charge against the UNIT barricades.

The Dalek force Commander is defiant as its cohort is destroyed.

Zoe joins the soldiers on the rooftop in their celebration of a successful defence,
"She's much prettier than a computer!"

A bizarre turn of events as UNIT repulsed the Dalek attack for minimal losses. Something went horribly wrong with the Dalekanium armour rolls and it has to be said that it is not your day as an invading alien when two pistol shots take out two Daleks without requiring a single luck point!

Next Up Autons!


  1. LOL thats the way the dice go sometimes. Great Battle Reports and a fab looking table.

  2. Seen it go that was as well. The Brigadier has (rightfully) been responsible for numerous Daleks being taken out of play. Some days the Daleks just roll over UNIT troopers and other times they can just can't get an even break. Now Robomen, Robomen never last on the battlefield, but I have a soft spot for those vinly suited baddies.

  3. Those flame counters are actually quite striking! I like it!

  4. Twogunbob - I like robo men but my goons of choice for my daleks have to be the ogrons. I always felt a bit sorry for them!

    Lazarus king - Litko flame markers. They look good in the pics.

    Brummie - cheers for the positive comments as ever

  5. matt...where did you get the painted street that the flame markers are on?

    1. The street sections are from a kids playset. I am 41 now but me and my brother had a set when we ere kids that disappeared as we grew up and left home. I found another set in a charity shop a few years ago. I could not believe my luck! Ideal for 25/28mm figures.