Monday, 12 December 2011

MDF buildings - Sarissa Warehouse

Front view. The window frames are all on one separate piece of MDF which is fixed to the inside of the front wall. I made the schoolboy error of gluing this in place before painting it. I won't do that again! Pavement given a wash of medium grey and then drybrushed in lighter shades. Railings black. Stairs painted in the colours and the paving.

Rear view of the loading bay. I have left the doors so they can be opened or closed. The 4 packing cases are included in the kit. Wooden boxes, staircases and doors are painted with a wash of burnt umber, walls are washed in burnt sienna. Concrete floors and stairs were washed several times with light sand colours. Smaller brickwork is left in it's natural "scorched MDF" colour.

I am thinking about hinging the doors.

View of the interior. The mezzanine level lifts off to give access to the rooms below.

View through the back doors. Girders and railings painted black.

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