Monday, 19 September 2011

Three episode 7tv series episode 2

Episode Two – Doctor Where? (Raid Scenario p135)
Doctor Hugo Solomon has been kidnapped while in a Buddhist retreat in Lincolnshire. In the previous episode General Gordon discovered that Solomon is being held in Waddington Hall, a country house cum health spa owned by General Jaffa in Little Fruiting in Oxfordshire. Agent Pandora King has gone undercover as a masseuse in what turns out to be a SHIVA safe house. General Gordon has received a signal from Pandora and leads a team to join up with her and find and rescue Solomon.

Waddington Hall
The cast
Pandora King, General Gordon, 10 agents including one Corporal
General Jaffa, Satsuma (Kali profile), 10 mercenaries including one Corporal
Colonel Outspan looks out over the grounds.

Outspan's mercenaries guard the gate.

More mercenaries patrol the perimeter.

The interior of Waddington Hall. In one of these rooms Solomon is being held. Pandora is just out of shot in the lounge where she has signaled that Dept X forces should attack.

Somehow the guards fail to notice that a squad of agents have jumped out of a Land Rover.

Outspan senses danger, "it's quiet, too quiet."

He is right as on the other side of the estate another Land Rover arrives with Gen Gordon and the rest of agents. The guards on this side are more awake and the peace is shattered as fire is exchanged across the boundary hedge.

Outspan pulls his men back to drive. Unaware that more agents are approaching from their rear.

"Miss King in the Lounge with a flamboyant but unconscious agent". Pandora turns over the first objective counter only to find Solomon at the first attempt.

Now aware that they are under attack from both sides, Outspan withdraws his men to the entrance of Waddington Hall where they take cover behind Gen Jaffa's car. Jaffa himself appears and warns that there will be hell to pay if car gets damaged. The Tangerine Guard try to stand to attention in the General's presence whilst ducking bullets.

In the hall, Satsuma finally notices the door to the lounge which keeps opening slightly. She investigates and uses her blowpipe signature weapon to knock out Pandora.
Gordon closes in but takes a hit from Satsuma's poisoned blow pipe.

Gordon continues to fight on his agents fall around him.

An outbreak of close quarter fighting leaves stunned bodies all over the grounds.

Outspan causes viewer complaints by "offing" an unconcious agents.

Gordon is rendered unconscious by another dart and is then given a blow from Satsuma's poisoned dagger.
This episode looked to be going the way of Dept X with the guards pinned down and Solomon being discovered on the first turn of an objective marker. Some insane counter attacking and lucky dice rolling by Jaffa's men in hand to hand knocked the Dept X lads down to shaken. Gordon managed to keep things going but the outrageous number of 6's rolled by Satsuma with her poisoned darts stopped Gordon and Pandora from taking advantage of their abilities. SHIVA were also helped by getting the field trials event card which gave them two extra boffins who kept them above half strength for that bit longer and gave a couple of easy VPS to include in their total.
VPS earned in this episode were
SHIVA 9 Dept X 3
Running Score
SHIVA 17 Dept X 6


  1. Love the idea of using the Cluedo board!

  2. It's also featured in some of doc who games. Mansions take up to much room so I used a free card stock Haunted Mansion model for exterior shots. If anyone goes inside then we switch the cluedo studio.