Monday, 19 September 2011

Three episode 7tv series episode 1

The following three blogs are of games played when Jason from the Reading club helped me christen the new wargames room this week following my move to the Forest of Dean.

Department X – The new series, now in glorious technicolour
Episode One – Rumble in the Jungle (Gather Scenario p 134)
The new top secret GB3 Robot Spy Plane has been flying over the People’s Democratic State of Tangerinia looking for signs of S.H.I.V.A. activity. The PDST is ruled by the despotic General Jaffa who is believed to be financed by SHIVA in exchange for secret bases and access to the country’s ample natural resources. The GB3 was just about to transmit the location of a major SHIVA base when it was apparently shot down. Dept X has sent in a crack unit of agents led by General Gordon to the point where contact was lost. The GB3 contains numerous experimental components crafted by the skilful hands of Doctor Hugo Solomon which must not fall into the hands of General Jaffa and his SHIVA masters. General Jaffa has dispatched his Tangerine Guard led by Colonel Outspan to recover the spy plane.
The cast
General Gordon, 10 agents including one Corporal.
Colonel Outspan, 10 mercenaries including one Corporal.

Dept X advance past an ancient totem.

The Dept X corporal is knocked out by the Colonel.

The Colonel is put out of action, but his men move on into the village.

The Tangerine Guard start to make inroads into the agents, resorting to brutal hand to hand combat.

Gordon steps in to counter attack the TG.

The TG grab a load of the components and start to take them back to their lines.

TG cover the retreat, having now gained all the counters representing vital parts of the GB3.

The guy in the Jon Motson coat brings the last componenet back to the SHIVA deployment zone.

The agents are unable to stop the SHIVA forces getting the components off table.

A frustrated Gordon curses his luck with initiative rolls.

This episode served as a nice easy reminder for myself and Jason as we had not played 7TV for a little while. The SHIVA forces faced a smaller but better force. They were very lucky with initiative rolls which went their way over a sustained period which allowed them to grab all the counters representing the GB3 components.

VPS earned this episode
SHIVA 8 Dept X 8

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