Thursday, 22 September 2011

Song of Drums and Shakos Skrirmish

Napoleonic Skirmish using the Songs of Drums and Shakos rules from Ganesha Games. Part of a two day gaming frenzy to christen my new wargames room. Also gave me a chance to show off all my Grand Manner mediterranean/peninsula buildings in one place for the first time.

The full extent of my Grand Manner Spanish style buildings to date. This is a 4ft by 4ft gaming area. Plenty enough for a skirmish.

Two British squads each led by a Lieutenant and NCO. This was the first time we had played for a while and quite a large game so all the figures for simplicity are Q4 C2 apart from the officers who are Q3 C2. All armed with muskets. The French have two similar squads.

The aim of the game is to clear this hill top town for an advance by the main armies which are following.

The British start to roll a wagon load of hay to block up the street in front of the Convent. Unfortunately the French spoil the idea by shooting at and setting fire to it!

One of the French squads advancing down the next street.

The French lay some heavy fire down Convent Street, forcing the British to abandon the now blazing wagon.

The green jackets advance down Windmill Street.

The British are pinned down in Convent St.

The British in Windmill St also take some heavy fire. their lieutenant orders his sergeant and two men to go into the church to get to a better vantage point.

The British begin to have some fortune and start to inflict some hits on the French in Windmill St.

The Sergaeant makes it to the church roof and waits for his men to take up position with him as the rest of the green jackets exchange fire with their opponents.

The British in Convent St decide to break out and two of them melee their way down the street, double teaming Frenchmen as they go. One manages to knock a French soldier down while the hatless British infantry man delivers a fatal blow in the style of British hooligans over the decades.

The next victim is an ill-fated French lieutenant who is taken to floor an finished off with the bayonet.

The Sergeant finally gets his men into a good shooting postion on the church roof...

...and takes a pot shot over the heads of his comrades, helping to drive the French back.

The French finally break from Windmill St after another Lieutenant is put out of action.

The French break from the end of Convent St. pursued by the British.

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  1. Beautiful table and figures. Well done!

  2. Great! :o
    My soldiers only fight on plain grass with some trees to add atmosphere... :'(