Saturday, 24 January 2015

The painting table

Today my current projects and commissions. 

An ongoing project here. SYW Austrians from front rank and crusader are being prepared for a game with my old Dorset gaming chums on the 7th Feb. Four completed battalions and two commanders await a suitable box.

Undercoated and started SYW Austrians here. I'm fitting these in around my commissions. Three more battalions hope to get themselves painted in time. The figures that will form the front ranks are painted in situ on their MDF bases. The rear rank figures are attached to craft lolly sticks. I find it slightly faster to do figures on these strips rather than on individual temporary bases especially when the bulk of the figures are in a similar pose. 

This is a mixed fantasy commission for Tim including some very old citadel kobolds. These are at the first basing stage having had sand and cork 'rocks' glued to the bases. 

At the same basing stage, 8 SYW Austrian gunners. Also in the picture is a german 37mm at gun and crew which I'm painting for Ellen and Gary at sgts mess. This needs finishing in time for Crusade next Saturday (30th Jan at Penarth). 

Pack and casualty carrying camels. Part of a large Abysinnian colonial order for Jeremy. Also half based and to be collected at Crusade. Italians and Somali Askaris in the next photo. 

Not great pics, but these are the last two 36 man napoleonic battalions for Richard. One french and one british. Just awaiting some MDF Warbases so I can get these finished off. All Front Rank figures. 

Fireforge plastic Templar infantry. These are to restock my trade stand for next weekends aptly named Crusade show. Awaiting the first sand stage on the bases. 

Just the final flesh tones to be done on these black tree design medievals. Also for stock on the trade stand. Ideal for cross and crescent or Lion Rampant. 

Peasants from black tree. These are at the undercoat and flat brown base coat stage. Should be ready for Crusade too.

Three sets of not ghostbusters and a bunch of villains from Karl and Graeme at Crooked Dice. One set of gbs and the villains are for use on the CD participation games at this years salute. The other two sets of gbs will hopefully end up on the trade stand. These are all assembled and next up for undercoating. 

Lastly we have a mass of troops and a monster from Andrew Mays recent Meridian Miniatures Kickstarter. These are all for my own VSF use and will also be slotted in between commission work. 


  1. Well, that puts my own struggle to paint 5 more mounted knights in time for this weekend into perspective!
    Would you say this represents a typical week or has the Penarth show significantly increased your workload?
    The mediaevals are particularly nice, and I'd never heard of camel stretcher-bearers before.

  2. It's about the norm Ralph. The table is usually covered with orders in various states of painting. I always paint thing s from start to finish but I like to build up the basing so I can get that done in less hits. Crusade is my first show of the year so has got me re stocking as well. Very tempted to keep,some of the medievals for myself...

  3. Great post! Fascinating to see your paint table and the variety of projects...very dangerous to my "acquisition disorder" though as I see so many cool things.

  4. Play them on Weds, and if they lose sell them!