Monday, 26 January 2015

Busy day

Busy day at my secret base in the Forest of Dean. Having based up the fantasy figures for Tim and the Italians in Africa for Jeremy, the rest of the morning was undercoating Crooked Dice figures, North Star pirates and Foundry early ww2 Germans. 

Painted the pirates and the Germans this afternoon/evening. They'll be varnished and based tomorrow. Here's some spoilers. 

I always like a bit of late night basing action so have nearly finished Richards French and British Napoleonic battalions. Another Austrian SYW has snuck into the production line ahead of my February all dayer! 

Other stuff finished off tonight are the black tree medievals. 

And the Fireforge Crusader infantry. 

Off to bed!


  1. You can claim a good nap, excellent job, love the medieval and he pirates!

  2. Quite an impressive display - I do like that coat worn by the pirate.