Friday, 6 September 2013

Company level Napoleonics using 61-65 Ganesha Rules

The plan was to play a Sharp Practice scenario at the Gloucester Club on Weds night. Unfortunately I forgot half of the turn sequence cards! What to do? The only companly level rules that I have tucked away in my brain are 61-65, the excellent American Civil War rules from Ganesha Games who sit along side Toofatlardies as my favourite rules producers. I played the rules straight out of the book with no modifications whatsoever for the sake of simplicity.

The French begin to advance towards the road junction

We formed two company of 5 squads with attached skirmishers as usual and fought a meeting engagement.

The British advance through the orchard towards the church on their left flank.

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The British and their allies move into the paddocks behind the house at the junction.

While on their left flank they take up a good defensive position as they watch the French come towards them. The first shots are fired as skirmishers open up against each other in the centre. Both sides try to dominate the ground around the farmhouse.

The fight for the farm intensifies. The french manage to deploy some skirmishers into the building and drive of those protecting the flank of the Portuguese. This allows a french section to get over the fence to threaten a breakthrough in the allied lines.

Meanwhile, the french skirmishers begin to get the better of their allied opponents by the church. The British sections stubbornly stay behind their hard cover in the church yard.

In a desperate move with their rear threatened, a British section climbs over the fence and removes some surprised French skirmishers. They reveal their flank to a slightly shaken French section but with predictable results when the French section gets three activations and charges.
Some unfortunately timed turn overs, see the British sections stuck behind their walls, unable to react to a French section which maneuvers onto their flank.
At this the British recognised that their position had collapsed and the French won the day. Good fast, fun game as always and a tribute to the rules that I was able to play from memory.


  1. Beautiful terrain and figures. Looks like a well executed game. I hate forgetting cards. I keep a bag of poker chips in my game gear just in case.

  2. A nice game... I'll also will try 61-65 for Napoleonics