Wednesday, 7 August 2013

First Game of In Her Majesty's Name at the Gloucester Club

I took Lord Curr's company against the Servants of Ra run by Ra-Alph III himself. We rolled up the Catch the Pigeon mission which got us some odd looks and comments from our club colleagues. What do they know eh? We used the parties profiled on the sheets which come with the figure sets saving us the hassle of point calculations.

Despite a couple of rule reading malfunctions (my fault - not the rules!), the game was fast and fun. The rules are simple enough that you can concentrate on remembering to use Talents and Mystical Powers (something I often forget when playing more involved rules) without slowing down the action.

All seems peaceful down at the docks

The locals have legged it having heard that Lord Curr is on his way to meet a band of fanatical pharoah worshipers

The first few hooded minions make their way through the dockside streets.

Singh and an Incorrigible take up firing positions.

The rest of Curr's band cautiously advance.

Agh what's this? Having coolly downed the pigeon Lady Felicity is appalled to see the confounded Sairah (or "that mystic bint" as she is immediately christened!) appear at the end of a tunnel of light, to seize the prize.

Fortunately this risky mystical manouvre has put Sairah/that mystic bint way ahead of her cultist chums and so the proceeds to athletically dodge a hail of fire from the Incorrigibles who cannot believe her good fortune.

Lady Felicity leaps on Sairah but even the two pistols for which Felicity is famed cannot get a bead on the weaving wench. In spite of, or perhaps inspired by, the bodice ripping action of the two girls infront of them, a shotgun volley from the Incs flukes an out of action result on Ra himself who falls to the floor and returns to the afterlife to await a future re-incarnation. 
Unfortunately at this point an ill advised Incorrigable tries out the shooting into a melee rule. It is no surprise to anyone that the victim of this is the unfortunate Felicity.  The Inc tries not to catch the eye of Lord Curr.

The only positive is that it clears the way for Mad Mick to remember that he has grenades. Sairah is overcome by a case of the vapours brought on by a gas bomb. Not a very noble thing to do but there you go...

A right royal rumpus ensues as the encounter resolves itself in a mass brawl. Lord Curr manages to scoop up the carcass of Speckled Jim the pigeon and along with his men manage to deal with the remaining cultists and mummified priest.


  1. Nice! It sounds like great fun was had by all. Mass brawls are always fun! Pub after?

  2. Awesome looking game - terrain and figures. They look great and also look very sturdy for gaming. Best, Dean

  3. Nice batrep that table looks great!

  4. Really REALLY excellent. My goodness, your set up and terrain is inspiring.

    Loved the story :-)

    1. Thanks Stephen. Just a little something I threw together!