Friday, 30 March 2012

Femdroid Factory Fiasco - a 7Tv Episode

Following the fall of his Slough Depot (see previous episode The Female of the Species) evil industrialist Lancelot Cray has relocated his Femdroid storage facility to Romford.

Dept X and Project Time Lift join forces in a Raid scenario to rescue an agent who has gone missing on an earlier recce mission.

Time Lift give a first outing to the SPV personnel carrier which storms the front gate of the facility behind General Gordon in the X Agent's Landrover.

Cray's guards open fire on the marauding vehicles.

Following an event card some of the X Agents did not make it into the Landrover and have to go in on foot instead.

Femdroids await the call to action.

Cray, his personal femdroid Flossy and arch henchman Lionel, watch the situation develop.

The massive Craytron computer uses it's full 2k of memory to suggest strategy.

Doc Solomon breaks out of his cell - hoorah!

High kicking heroine Pandora King decides when to reveal herself, having used the Infiltrator rule to deploy among the bad guys.

The first outing of the SPV ends prematurely as it goes out of control and comes to a halt after some impressive firing by the guards.

X Agents leap out of the Landrover after it's driver is killed. The minions take careful aim but are jumped from behind by Pandora who floors them both.

Time Lift Agents escape from the SPV.

Gordon rushes forward and plants an explosive device (strangely shaped like a dice). Unfortunately he then remembers that he has a war wound and cannot run - oops, this might be close.

Bad to worse as the General comes under heavy fire from all directions and takes a couple of hits.

Femdroids add to his misery. Their swinging hips tempt the General out of his cover.

Meanwhile, Pandora knocks the face off of a femdroid.

The General finally succumbs and slumps unconscious to the floor.

Time Lift and X Agents gang up to stun a minion who blocks their way to an objective counter.

Agent Blue finds the lost man but is gunned down.

What's this? Lancelot Cray and Lionel flee the scene having lost most of their force. The game ends with only a minor victory to Dept X and Time Lift as the loss of General Gordon costs them dear.