Wednesday, 28 March 2012

1938 British Civil War using Mud and Blood

Trouble in the Piddle Valley
PVDF Briefing
The annual Martyrs rally at Tolpuddle although declared illegal has once again attracted all manner of leftist loonies from the Socialist areas of the country. One such party of Socialist miscreants has been spotted heading north up the Piddle Valley. The Cerne Abbas unit of the Piddle Valley Defence Force have been mustered to prevent any trouble and to stop the Socialists from passing through the village. You have blocked the road and intend to keep the village “red-free”.
PVDF Platoon (Blues)
Sergeant Steve Butcher - Blue Big Man 1 (status 3)
Cpl Craig Baker - Blue Big Man 2 (status 2) Deployed at the road block.
L/Cpl Bob “Candlestick” Mayker - Blue Big Man 3 (status 1)
28 Green troops with rifles (Good Morale)
2 Regulars with Lewis Guns (Good Morale)
All troops start on blinds at the Northern edge of the table, apart from Baker whose squad are at the road block and can remain hidden until spotted in the usual manner.
Objectives – Prevent the Socialists from getting through the village. Capture any Big Men for interrogation.
PBM Briefing (Reds)
The Huntley and Palmers branch of the People’s Biscuit Makers are lost. They took a wrong turn after being chased out of Tolpuddle whilst attempting to honour their illustrious predecessors at the annual (and now illegal) Martyrs rally. They managed to escape the BUF Durnovarian Guard outside of Dorchester and have headed North along the Piddle Valley. They have met Brother Socialists on the road, who have warned them that the locals up ahead are armed and are stopping anyone going through the village of Cerne Abbas. The HPPBM pause for a sub-committee meeting and decide (eventually) that enough is enough. They decide to teach the reactionary villagers a lesson and head towards Cerne Abbas.
PBM Forces
Comrade Chairman Tony “Dunker” McVitie - Red Big Man 1 (status 3)
Comrade Secretary Billy “Cracker” Jacobs – Red Big Man 2 (status 2)
Comrade Minute Taker Tom “Hob Nobby” Clarke – Red Big man 3 (status 1)
Comrade Tea Maker Jack “PG” Tips – Red Big Man 4 (status 1)
36 Green troops with rifles (Good Morale)
3 trucks
All troops start on blinds on the Southern table edge having debussed from their trucks.
Objectives – defeat the local defence forces so that you can clear the road. Capture enemy Big Men if possible for propaganda purposes.

The southern edge of Cerne Abbas. The PBM have seen the roadblock by the bridge and debus onto blinds at the southern table edge. They start to make their way cautiously through the dense terrain spotting as they go.

The PVDF spot a blind on the road by the trucks and forcing them off of their blind pour fire onto the unfortunate socialists. "Hob Nobby" Clarke and "PG" Tips squads take so much shock that they never really recover.

Now that the first group of PVDF have revealed themselves at the roadblock, "Cracker" Jacobs leads his men on a blind along the hedgerow until they are in a position to open fire.

Corporal Baker and his squad man the roadblock, "You shall not pass!"

"Dunker" McVitie crosses the church yard and deploys on the right flank, opening fire on Baker's men.

"Don't panic! Don't panic! Them Reds don't like it up 'em you know." Baker calms his men. Amazingly, despite taking numerous casualties, barely any shock effects the brave men of Cerne Abbas and they remain steadfast at the roadblock whilst they await reinforcements. main issue for Baker is the frequent jams from the Lewis gun.

The reinforcements begin to arrive in the form of L/Cpl Bob "Candlestick" Mayker. Armed with a flag and a cucumber sandwich he eventually takes position on the PVDF left.

McVitie continues to approach the roadblock, firing as they go. They are now under fire from Mayker's squad.

"My regards to you Mr Baker. A split tin loaf for Mrs Butcher after all this is sorted if you would". Sgt Butcher arrives casually on the PVDF right and then sweeps forward towards "Cracker" Jacobs men.

It's all too much for "Cracker". His men fall back to the trucks under the weight of fire.

They are soon joined by McVitie's men. The People's Biscuit Makers will have to find another way back to their Reading factory base.

The rules used are the "Mud and Blood" by the Toofatlardies.
Figures are mainly from Under the Bed, Great War, Musketeer and Foundry.
Trucks are Sloppy Jalopy and Corgi.

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  1. Looks like a cracking good game with a wonderful sense of humour. A good cucumber sandwich does wonders, I always find.