Monday, 28 November 2011

Latest Pulp Painting

Crooked Dice "Man from 2000" in fashionable futuristic beige

Three more Crooked Dice Time Lift Security Guards. Not sure I trust the one in black...

No idea where these "not" Joker and "not" Batgirl came from. I'm sure they'll come in handy.

A new rocket man to lead my Pulp Figures versions. These came from the AE WWII range, intercepted on their way to the bring and buy at Warfare this year.

These lovely ladies are elves from the Games Workshop "Dogs of War" range for Warhammer many moons ago. I kept a bag of them "just in case". Whilst clearing a boxfile I came across them and decided that they would make nice Amazons, Atlantians and defenders of ad hoc sacred shrines, temples etc. Just ignore the pointy ears!

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  1. Looking good. That Joker figure is excellent