Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 2 Gettysburg - 26th Nov 2012

The long awaited follow up to our day one game which took place in 2010. The Reb objectives to take and by the end of the game still hold Rose Woods (top left of picture), Devil's Den (stony area mid picture) and Little Round Top (to the the right of Devil's den).

Reb players, Me, Simon, Nigel and Martin.
Union players John, Geoffo, Colin, Matt and Paul.

General Lee casts his eye over the dispositions.

The Rebs assault all along the line of Plum Creek. Some outrageous bad Union fortune for Matt and some aggression from Simon leads to an early retreat.

My brigade lends a hand and drives away the defenders of Devil's Den who, finding themselves isolated, are forced to fall back with barely a shot fired.

All out advance in the centre as the Union retreat towards the road, their routing troops causing havoc as Geoff and Paul's reinforcements try to get on to the table in the background.

Martin presses forward into Rose Wood to ensure that the Reb centre is not outflanked by Colin's threatening, but fortunately (for the Rebs) static position.

Colin's troops pour steady fire into Nigels and then Martins brigades.

The Rebs have men in Rose Woods and Devil's Den. They now begin to turn their attention to Little Round Top.

More of Martins men pour into Rose Wood.

Colin's artillery maintain steady fire into Nigel's brigade in Rose Wood.

The last Union unit in the centre is forced to surrender...

...swiftly followed by John's brave defenders of Little Round Top which is taken by Me after being weakened considerably by Nigel.

The Union reserves finally get into position...

...but can only look on as the Rebs hold all three objectives:

Martin and Nigel in Rose Wood.

Simon in Devil's Den.

A really entertaining game and nice to catch up with the old Dorset crowd. Hopefully day 3 of Gettysburg won't take two years for us to arrange.

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  1. Lookaed like an ace battle. I'd really like todo somthing like this but have wayyy to much choice. My Wallet also crys at the thought