Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dettingen at the Worcester Club (Friends of General Haig)

A splendid day out with the fine fellows of the Worcester Wargames Club (The Friends of General Haig) refighting the battle of Dettingen in 1743. This was during the War of Austrian Succession between the "Pragmatic Army" of British, Hanovarian and Austrian troops and the army of France. Notable for being the last battle in modern british History to see the King (George II) take to the field.

I was placed in charge of French and Swiss infantry and tasked with pressing the Allied rearguard in the east of the battlefield, ideally to cause the allies to draw their forces away from any attack to the West where we expected their main thrust to be.

British Guards advance through the marshy ground below the heights where the French Infantry look on.

The Guards clash with the French infantry unable to make their quality count against the more numerous French Battalions.

With pressure mounting on the allied rearguard, a brigade of Austrians turns to support them.

The Swiss finally force the Austrian and Hanovarian rearguard battalions away from the bank of the stream.

At last the Hanovarian and Austrian fire fails to disorder their opponents, giving the Swiss and French battalions a chance to close to the bank of the stream.

British and allies in the centre under long range bombardment throughout the battle from the massed French guns on the other side of the River Main.

British Infantry swarm across the marshy ground to the North of Dettingen. French on the high ground.

The French brace themselves for the arrival of the British Guards Brigade.

The Irish advance along the bank of the River Main to support the French outside of Dettingen
Hanovarian infantry hold the southern end of the Allied rearguard line.

Hanovarian rearguard.

The British Infantry.

French Infantry on the high ground north of Dettingen.

French Infantry hold Dettingen.

Close up of Dan's splendid Austrian battalion.

After a long hard slog the bulk of the British Infantry were defeated by the French on and around the high ground above Dettingen. At my end of the field It was also hard going with five French/Swiss infantry and cavalry brigades being broken by the end of the battle. The stream at the rear was eventually forced, forcing the Austrian reserves to turn to support the rearguard rather than the western attack.

Fabulous game with a very friendly group who made me feel most welcome on my first visit.

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