Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Flying Lead game at the Reading Club 8th June 2011

Richard H and myself ran a game of Flying Lead at the WAR club tonight. It was set in a near future where gangs rule the streets and the cops try their best to maintain order.

Card, resin and plastic buidings from various manufacturers. You may recognise the home made grave stones from the Weeping Angels Who game. All made by myself.

Blasphemous statue erected in the central park by one of the more feral gangs.

Fortified police station.

This is part of my terrorist cell - the O'Shenanigans who were tasked with detonating bombs in buildings (why? I don't know). They spent most of the game avoiding Richard S's SWAT team who were tasked with taking out as many terrorists as possible. The O'Shenanigans are sure they have a cause but are not sure what is might be.

Richard H's gang in long coats were soon christened the David Tennant fan club.

Oh no it's the fuzz!

A skate-by shooting by Jason's skater boys (painted by me for Richard H) on Wayne's Jamaicans. This proved to be the high point for the lads one of whom grazed his knee quite nastily, causing his pals to search for plasters.

The leader of the O'Shenanigans is pinned down by the SWAT team.

The classic "anything but a one" moment. Oops.

Considering we ran 5 separate commands the game worked well and the rules ran smoothly. We are all fairly familiar with the Ganesha mechanics so it is easy to switch between the various sets with a little refresher read. I am thinking about using Flying Lead as a basis for some British Civil War games.


  1. Very cool. Did you give Long move to the skaters? or use the skate rules from KTMH?

  2. I'm loving the O'Shenaningans figs, where are they from?

    Great looking game, thanks for sharing.

  3. We used Long move for the skater boyz. Not that it did them a lot of good!!

    I am trying to track down the source of the terrorists. They belong to Richard and he picked them ready painted for £2 each. Why do I never find such bargains??

  4. Shouldn't that be 'Sk8r Boiz' ??