Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lord of the Rings with Lion Rampant

Tonight's game saw my Elves take on Ralph's Orcs and Goblins. It was the Bloodbath scenario with Ralph as the attacker. We started with everything off table rolling move activation tests to get on the field. Although we have played Dragon Rampant we like a medieval Lord of the Rings with minimal magic so used Lion Rampant tonight. 


1 unit of Drilled mounted MAA

1 unit of mounted sgts with bows

2 units of archers

1 unit of foot sgts 

Orcs and Goblins

1 troll (counted as foot MAA)

2 units of orcs (expert yeomen)

1 unit of Orc archers

2 units of goblins (bidowers)

Ralph's forces get off to good start, all arriving on turn one. My elves are lost off table somewhere, allowing Ralph to deploy his bidowers into the safety of two woods. 

On the far left, Ralph's troll is distracted and doesn't keep up with the rest of the force. 

In the centre, Ralph's archers (top with the red marker) are stunned into inactivity and become battered by the shooting from two elf archer units. The elf mounted MAA take advantage of Ralph's increasingly dodgy dice rolling to sneak past the goblin bidowers in the wood. 

The elf archers eventually see off the opposing Orc archers. 

The elf heavy cavalry crash into the Orc yeomen. 

Fortunately for the orcs, this where the pictures stop. The elf heavies took some surprising hits from goblin bidowers,who accounted for all the elves killed during the game, before riding across the table to destroy the second Orc yeoman unit. This took care of the Orc warlord, whose demise saw the end of Orc resistance, even the troll lumbered away after a double one led to a surprise failure of a courage test. 

More Rampant Rings at the Forest of Dean club next week featuring the Orcs and Rivendell Elves once more, joined by Easterling/Haradrim and Wood Elf forces.


  1. Wow! Great painting all round!

  2. Brilliant! Lord of the Rings using Lion Rampant seems the perfect match!

  3. Nice looking game and figures with a favorite rule set.

  4. Hi Matt:
    I have lots of LoTR figures and just got the LR rules, and I wonder why I've never thought of combining the two? Your post is inspirational.
    I also like the Elf Cavalry, I've never seen those models before. Very nice.
    Have you thought of how you might integrate magic into Lion Rampant?

  5. Thanks Michael. Dragon Rampant is released this Christmas which is Dans fantasy version of Lion. It includes magic spells and other fantastical stuff.the Elves are the Galadrim cavalry from GW.

  6. Looks good Matt and seems to transfer well.

  7. Great work. I'm looking forward to Dragon Rampant for LotR as well!