Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Steampunk/Victorian Sci-fi project pt1

Another project I've meaning to get around to. An ever growing pile of lead and resin vsf figures has finally got some attention. As ever I'll be struggling to find rules that can cope with my megalomania. It'll be fun trying them all though. 

First up are some of Andrew May's Meridian miniatures which I picked up during his Steam and Aether Kickstarter. 
The first two figures are transdimensional monster hunters and a squad of aquanauts armed with harpoons. 

I have a lot of figures suitable for Brits from Ironclad, Redoubt and Victoria miniatures. Andrews Steam and Aether infantry have the option of being in greatcoats. With the wide choice of heads, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss to assemble some Prussian looking foes. 

The are the various command figures including medic, chaplain and engineer. I'm still working on what to use some of them for. Directional Wagner projectors could be pretty terrifying! 


  1. Fantastic. Really regret not getting in on the Kickstarter!

  2. Nice and unusual, great looking minis!

  3. Indeed Great Work!
    Nice colours and I really love thoose aquanaout with harpoons!

  4. Great and clean paint work. Do you have the rank & file prussian types too?
    Working my way through mine from the kickstarters too. Lost the gun arm on the second resin figure and waiting for a replacement, what an idiot I felt. Must have gone up the hoover!
    Gordon - the Prussian/Brit troops are now on Andrew May's webstore: